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Maybe Prince should have written a different song



  • Jerri 6 years ago

    This article made me cry with empathy. I feel your pain, and I know how much watching a Vikings- Colts Super Bowl with you would have meant to Greg. For the record, Bucky Scribner will always hold a special place in my heart, as will #52:) Love you, Kevin! Good article.

  • Greg S. 6 years ago

    Certainly an article I can relate to deeply. I only saw parts of Q3 and Q4 in the Newark airport as I awaited a flight to Manchester, UK. The anticipation was tough since I had to cut my phone off when the game went into OT. Maybe the Vikings simply aren't destined to ever win the big game. Some people who deserve to win Grammies never win those, either. We can watch the Super Bowl anyway. I admire the Colts. I also don't hate the Saints. The Vikings apparently beat themselves as much as the Saints did yesterday. And so it goes. Signing off - your tired brother in England.

  • Elizabeth 6 years ago

    Ouch. A bus tire just drove over me. I'm terribly sorry the Vikes didn't quite make it after that effort. More sorry that when your
    brother is in town you can't enjoy the bowl game. Will discuss this one later.

  • jenn 6 years ago

    yowza Kev! That first paragraph needs to go.

  • Kevin S 6 years ago

    Thanks for the comments. I appreciate you all reading this "music" column. I apologize for the last paragraph where I have the typo "songs" instead of son's." That error just jumps out me ... sort of like a passing play with ten seconds left.

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