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Mayan ruins in Coba, Mexico

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The ruins of Coba are a fascinating visit in Mexico for any Mayan history lover. The site is an excavation in progress, with so many buildings and roads of the ancient Mayan city still buried within the forest that now covers most of Coba.
Visitors to Coba have the option of renting a cheap bike to tour the expansive site via very convenient dirt roads that separate large excavated buildings. Since the city is so huge, and since there are so many roads and buildings still under the ground (sometimes making the points of interest far between), renting a bike is recommended to get to the points of interest quickly and conveniently.
Certainly the highlight of the visit is climbing the tallest temple, which is an extremely steep trek up 130 steps - the steepness and view from the top is really an experience not to miss. That being said, just like Chichen Itza's pyramid that used to be open to the public to climb, and that has subsequently closed due to preservation concerns, visitors to Coba may soon be prohibited from climbing Coba's pyramid. So, plan to visit the site soon! In the interest of preserving Mayan pyramids, it is understandable that public climbing should be prohibited, or at the very least, monitored. But from a purely selfish outlook, the experience of climbing a Mayan pyramid and seeing the world as the Mayan priests did, is a huge privilege and there is no other experience to compare to it. The view of the sky and vast expanse of green trees and small mountains below it, is a very telling picture of the Mayan's worship of the sun and stars.
Check out the slideshow for pictures of views while climbing the Coba pyramid, the view from the top, and also of various ancient buildings on the site.

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