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Mayan calendar says world will end on December 21, 2012

Mayan Plate
Mayan Plate
C.A. Kerley

The world will end December 21, 2012 so says the Mayan calendar. According to anthropologist Christian Räetsch, who translated writings from the prophecy, the Mayans predict that the world will end “when there is no more forest.” It’s not just the Maya who are predicting doom and destruction in less than two years from now; the Aztec calendar, otherwise known as the Cuauhxicalli Eagle Bowl, gives the world even less time to eat, drink and be merry, predicting that the world will self-destruct on December 24, 2011. The Aztec calendar foretells that the human race, after a series of horrific earthquakes and a lot of blood and gore, will be no longer. With this understanding, the Mayan and Aztec’s lived their days as if they were their last.

There are numerous contemporary global watch groups that foresee the final destruction of the world. Many of whom point skeptics and believers alike to prophecies written in the pages of the Christian Bible. Some Biblical scholars, like that of Dr. Gary Frazier founder of Discovery Ministries, Inc. (DMI) have said that some prophecies foretold in the Bible have already come to pass; and it is only going to get worse.

Non-religious organizations are on the world destruction bandwagon as well. With the global warming debate a big topic of discussion in recent years, it is sufficient to say that whether the doomsday message is prophetic or theoretical; there are no effects without causes. Researchers on both sides, however, have one thing in common; humans are the ultimate catalyst for the earth’s demise. For the Biblical scholars, the earth’s destruction began in the Garden of Eden with man’s first sin. For the ancients it began through a series of events starting with the creation of man, and ending at an exact date in time. Global warming enthusiast subscribe to the notion that all life forms on earth will be destroyed in, what amounts to, the ultimate sauna, and all because of humanities irrevocable carbon footprint.

What does this fascination with the apocalypse say about humans? Are we, as humans so omnipotent as to have a hand in the total annihilation of the earth and its occupants? Or are humans simply perpetuating the Mayan and Aztec notion that humanities’ downfall is inevitable, and living under the premise of disaster is the only way to truly live.