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Maya Angelou ~ A Woman Of Pristine Substance

One woman, Marguerite Annie Johnson, born April 4, 1928, and who chose to depart from this fair earth on May 28, 2014, now even of her death exhibited a better spirit than all of the rest. She continued throughout her life to unveil and expose evil wherever that secret thing sought to live among the heart of those who only wanted to bring attention to themselves for no other reason than for that alone. Through her writing, and so at times although an amazing and wise speech giver, a word master she did so magnificently most of the time without ever speaking a word. And who, at one time began her early forage of writing unfairly surrounded by an unsavory crowd of unsalted dogs, who eternally failed to obtain even once no matter what they said or did even a sand dot grain of her pristine substance. Those who refused to acknowledge or respect her or her beauty clearly began to expose their own selves as ones created for dishonor instead.

 "President Barack Obama awards Dr. Maya Angelou the Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, on February 15, 2011, in Washington."
Maria Popova

Maya Angelou, ever to remain a billion galaxies away from such earthly evil, ushered by the angels of a greater God for once and for all and now and forever afloat the drawn carriage of a good sphere and presence, awaits at a peaceful place to someday welcome the good friends she presently left behind. Thus said, Angelou who although now she seems silent, her angel heart lives on forever. Through her essays, books, bibliographies, and plays and screenplays, Maya instead of spending time worried about what her enemies had stolen from her chose to abandon the graveyard of such a wasted space of human souls and mind. She chose to spend her time looking at ways to protect and save other underdogs who knew what life meant to suffer what her enemies had so unfairly and without rhyme or reason put her through, through her essays, books, bibliographies, and plays and screenplays. Once kissed on the top of her head while of a beautiful season of an old age by President Obama, and although speech giver of thousands, she knew exactly what kind of gold to hold as a treasure to her own dear heart. That and the written word. Maya Angelou, although a definite award winner, gave real alms to the large book of literary, over fifty doctoral, and numerous journalistic awards she won by writing what she knew she had to.

Known more for her retribution as an author and a poet, her essay endemic book, As The Cage Bird Sings, 1969, once referenced in the pop-fiction book by Irish author, Ariel O'Sulleabhain inspired the young female heroine of that sage leaf to rejoice with song even with the pen and silence regarding her escape from her enemies. The latter story, In The Arms of Satan about a young girl who finds horror and cruelty behind the smiling faces of her own husband and church amidst a small town, manages to eventually sing by writing despite the cult who manipulated a situation for their own selfish and personal gain. Similarly, that Angelou inspired other young women, both black and female alike to find liberation, this sprouting example of one female author she helped to show that even while bondage such as slavery seemed ongoing, to rejoice with a lovely heart before a blue sky of an open window, makes things happen that silence your enemy such as the bold actions taken to protect the downtrodden of the very civil-rights movement which the forever star Angelou herself once strongly participated in.

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