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May we introduce you to Olive Films' new DVDs for the month? Love, happy!

James Cagney at this best
James Cagney at this best
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May we share the news of this month's nifty Olive Films releases?
All four titles---Johnny Come Lately, Love Happy, Home of the Brave and Flying Tigers---are making their HD debut on Blu-ray with three of the four titles new to DVD as well.

Johnny Come Lately (1943)
Hollywood legend James Cagney plays carefree ex-newspaperman Tom Richards. Arrested for vagrancy, he’s saved from a jail term when Vinnie McLeod (Grace George),an elderly editor of a floundering local paper, offers him a job. Together they’re out to make headlines as they work to expose political corruption in a small town. Richards and McLeod refuse to buckle under the threats and demands of corrupt, rival newspaper owner, Big Boss Dougherty (Edward McNamara).
The suspense mounts as Richards and McLeod stand their ground against Dougherty’s powerful political machine As socially relevant today as when it was produced in 1943, Johnny Come Lately features Cagney in his first role since winning the 1942 Oscar for Best Actor in Yankee Doodle Dandy. The strong supporting cast includes Marjorie Main, Marjorie Lord and Oscar-winner Hattie McDaniel.
Love Happy (1949)
This was the final film starring the legendary Marx Brothers. Harpo is a true patron of the arts, taking from the rich to help feed a group of poor actors struggling to open a new musical without financial backers. He unknowingly makes off with the missing Romanoff diamonds when he shoplifts a tin of sardines from a classy Manhattan market. The diamonds have been smuggled into the country by a sinful yet sey beautiful jewel thief, Madame Egelichi (Ilona Massey). The Madame traces the tin back to the theater and becomes the show’s financial backer. Hoping to recover the missing diamonds, she and her henchmen nearly bring the whole house down in a madcap race to retrieve the jewels on opening night. The all-star cast includes Chico Marx, Groucho Marx, Vera-Ellen, Raymond Burr and Marilyn Monroe.

Home of the Brave (1949)
Based on a play by Arthur Laurents, Home of the Brave recounts the story of a young black soldier who has suffered a nervous breakdown and developed psychosomatic paralysis. Crippled by rage and trauma, his condition was induced by experiences encountered during a reconnaissance mission combined with a lifetime of racial discrimination.
He may be able to walk again, but only if he can overcome his anger and frustrations.
The film’s theme revolves around a diverse group of men subjected to the horror of war and their individual struggles.
Home of the Brave was one of Hollywood’s first bold statements regarding the issue of race. he cast includes Frank Lovejoy, Lloyd Bridges, Douglas Dick, James Edwards, Steve Brodie and Jeff Corey.

Flying Tigers (1942)
Prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a small and daring band of American mercenaries soared into battle against Japan in defense of China’s freedom. These ‘Flying Tigers’ were heroic adventurers and America’s hottest ace pilots. Possessing un-matched skill and bravery, Capt. Jim Gordon (John Wayne), was the Tigers’ leader and top gun.
Gordon faces a battle on and off the ground when his good friend and ace pilot, Woody Jason (John Carroll) suspected of
recklessly and selfishly endangering the lives of his fellow pilots. Gordon’s fight to retain his respect for Woody while maintaining the solidarity of his pilots is an explosive battle of courage and heroism that lights up the sky with action.

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