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May The Peace (and a piece) Be With You, free delivery!

Pizza, any which way, even Mac n Cheese
Pizza, any which way, even Mac n Cheese
Kate Mulligan

Where there is faith, there is food, and where there is food, heaven can't be far behind..

Please, Let there be Pizza
Kate Mulligan

I learned this and more from The Reverend Beardsley, who taught us to sing grace at dinner to the tune of Fernando's Hideaway, turning a somber duty into the joyful expression it was meant to be.

Father B also taught us the difference between Heaven and Hell, which comes to mind as thousands banded together inside Madison Wisconsin's Capitol rotunda to protest Governor Walker's proposed bill, which limited public employee collective bargaining. (Including an attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker.) Think Hell.

Meanwhile, thanks to the sharp thinking of a man by the name of Ian, who makes pizzas in the vicinity, took hundreds of take out calls for pizza to be delivered to the protesters in Wisconsin in support of their cause. Think Heaven.

Hell: Picture a huge banquet table with all the finest foods and all the guests are seated and hungry, but the forks are two feet long, so they sit miserably starving.

Heaven: Same picture, same scenario, only the guests use those same two foot forks to feed each other across the table!

With this type of heaven in mind, Ian's Pizzeria in Wisconsin turned itself into a huge twelve thousand four hundred and fifty mile long fork, by letting it be known they would deliver to the protesters at the Capital building. NPR's Morning Edition reports that they have taken orders from all over the world. Listen to the NPR Morning Edition article

I also heard that the favorite request was for 'Mac n Cheese ' Pizza, but I don't believe it. Too bad they didn't have a John's of Bleeker Street Pizzeria in New York. John's Triple Garlic Pizza would have scared the vampires clear out of the Capital, so the public can go back home to eat in peace, be it cake or pizzas.

Locally, in an act of Monterey solidarity, Dorothy McNett's Cooking Class Club in Pacific Grove is celebrating multicultural unification efforts with a focus on international cuisine, served with the cultural historyof food for thought as a side dish:Think fusion, world peace, sustainability, local and international support, nutrition, and wines of the world ~Great combination!. Contact Dorothy for class availability.

Check out my recipe for home made pizza using Trader Joe's ingredients and a handful of Monterey's great produce.

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