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May the Malaysian flight mystery end in the miraculous as God's people pray

search for 239 passengers continues
search for 239 passengers continues
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Entering it's sixth day of mystery since vanishing, the family members of those on board the Malaysia Airline flight MH370 must feel it's been an eternity. While search and rescue workers continue to comb countless areas that include over 27,000 nautical miles in the Malaysian Peninsula, hopefully, countless thoughts and prayers go out on their behalf as well. In times like this all we can do as the body of Christ is call upon the One who made the heavens and the earth, the waters and seas, and plead for a miracle. Prayer can produce miraculous results, but unless this tragedy stays on our spiritual radar long after it fell off technical radar, getting a praise report is less likely.

We all still stand stupefied. How to wrap our brain around the possibility of a Boeing 777 disappearing into thin air is unfathomable for any of us, but think how these family members must feel. What can we do but pray. So, are you? Praying for this situation and these people? The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing, surely the weary wives, horrified husbands and other frightened family members awaiting updates with baited breath are praying non-stop. But what about those of us thousands of miles away, who know no one who booked a ticket on that flight?

For an Australian woman who's husband left his wedding ring for safety's sake before heading out on a mining expedition in Mongolia, her prayers to return it to him are what is keeping her going. To come alongside her in agreement that she will get that chance is the least we can do as fellow believers in the power of prayer. Time for the spiritual search area to expand. This Aussie couple, and many others, are in desperate need of a true miracle. It may seem like an impossible probability, that she'll ever see him again, but isn't that exactly what faith is for? To call those things that are not, as though they are? If we truly understand that faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things unseen, then we should all be willing and able to rally together, united in hope, that this unseen aircraft can materialize with this Australian husband (and many others) still alive and well. Until something concrete is determined, I will choose to believe there is hope for all who boarded that plane and hope for all those anxiously awaiting their return.

We pray about many things, things that matter only to us sometimes, things that only affect our small circles. God knows what we have need of and says he will supply all our needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. His word even says he will give us the desires of our heart if we delight ourselves in him. He does also tell us to ask, seek and knock, but I think the prayers we ask on behalf of another, seeking their well being more than ours (especially in their darkest hour), are perhaps more precious to our Father in heaven who created and populated the entire planet with his kids. He expects those kids to have each others back, not just in our own homes or churches, but across the globe. Malaysia, Manhattan, Australia, Atlanta, Africa, Arizona, Indonesia, Illinois or Anytown, USA, if we call him Lord, he calls us his family. Praying for the nations and revival is great, but let us not fail to pray for the people in the family of God, or anyone, involved in unthinkable situations thousands of miles away and in nations other than our own.

If prayer can be used as a weapon of warfare, then let us step up to the table, take up our armor and battle on behalf of those facing something far more frightening than we can imagine. As the search area expands in the natural, let it be so in the supernatural. We may have lost loved ones and we may be hurting, sick, down or out right now with much to pray about in our own lives, but more than likely we are not waiting by the phone agonizing over every ring wondering if someone we deeply love has been located in the depths of the sea, dead or alive. Imagine. If you do, you will pray right now.

Prayer changes things. So change up your prayer list if the people affected by this crazy disappearance are not on it. May this mind boggling mystery move into the realm of the magnificently miraculous as God's people pray.

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