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May the fourth be with you: How you can celebrate Star Wars Day

Star Wars fans have been saying "May the fourth be with you" for decades, but it's only in the last few years that Star Wars Day has become a full-blown international holiday. The community has responded with mixed feelings to the casting for upcoming Episode VII and outright rage that Disney is going to be retconning the entire current extended universe in said movie. So, besides a movie marathon, how else can you celebrate Star Wars today?

The Science Channel will be celebrating Star Wars Day by replaying the Mythbusters season 9 episode: Star Wars, Revenge of the Myth at 8pm.
Mythbusters, Discovery Channel
  • Read the history of Star Wars Day at
  • Play the video at the top of this page to watch the trailer for Disney's next animated Star Wars series: Star Wars Rebels.
  • Watch College Humor's video: Star Wars Cantina Band Auditions.
  • Get excited about J.J. Abrams directing Episode VII. There are apparently seven reasons to do so.
  • Celebrate with science. University of Leicester students have published a paper explaining how forcefields like those in Star Wars could feasibly work.
  • Watch a video from the International Space Station. R2-D2 helps NASA broadcast their message to the world.
  • Geek out with the Mythbusters. The Science Channel will be re-airing the Mythbusters episode: "Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth" at 8pm in most markets. Find out how the forces at work in the movies stand up to real-life testing while Adam Savage shows off his personal cosplay wardrobe.
  • Get nostalgic with 65 photos that take you behind the scenes of the first six films.
  • Play "Star Wars: The Old Republic." Jumpstart your character in this free-to-play MMORPG by earning double experience points all day. Everyone who logs in today also gets a free Astromech Droid mini-pet.
  • Watch the special Star Wars Day episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon, Leonard and the gang argue about the proper order in which to watch the movies, and Bob Newhart guest stars. Available for a limited time on
  • Watch Episode I with the cast of Space Janitors. Fans of the Geek & Sundry show can enjoy a live stream of the cast watching the Star Wars movie that everyone loves to pick on.
  • Shop Star Wars Day specials: Everything Star Wars at is 20% off through Monday. is keeping track of deals elsewhere on the web and promise to update the list throughout the day. Also, they're not for sale yet, but you can browse's upcoming collection of Star Wars inspired shoes.

With plenty to do, you can have the best Star Wars Day ever. May the fourth be with you; beware of tomorrow and the "Revenge of the Fifth."

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