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May the Fourth be with you

How long would it take to watch all the movies back to back?
How long would it take to watch all the movies back to back?

Almost 33 years ago this month, a man named George Lucas released the first installment of what would become an epic pop culture phenomenon and billion dollar franchise. Oh, "Star Wars," how we love thee, let us count the ways. With the "Star Wars" trilogy leaping to success faster than a speeding proton torpedo, people from all walks of life have embraced their inner geek and discovered the world that is home to humans, creatures never seen before, and everything in between.

Star Wars actually offers up something for everyone, and it is because of this fantastic space odyssey that we celebrate today, Star Wars Day. Technically, its not an "official" holiday, but this is the only day of the year where one can utter the famous catch-phrase, with a twist: "May the Force be with you" becomes "May the Fourth be with you." Sure its a little cheesy maybe, DEFINITELY a pretty bad pun, but with this once-a-year groan-inducing greeting comes some prime opportunity for what else, but getting flirty in a galactic sort of way.

One fun thing to try tonight, is before going out to meet your friends for drinks, maybe try the double-bun hairstyle a-la-Princess Leia. You are sure to be the only one wearing it (unless you spot some other hardcore fans,) but its going to be an attention grabber one way or the other. Keep in mind, that this hairsyle may be perceived as a little bit silly, but guess what? Its ok to be silly once in awhile, AND it shows you won't take yourself too seriously. Great for a conversation starter! Now if you REALLY want to go out with both guns blazing, you could rock the Princess Leia Jabba-slave outfit, but only if you have the smoking hot body that Carrie Fisher had in the 1970's.

If you have someone you've been spending some time with for awhile, invite them to go stargazing! Although you won't see any moons of Endor (unless you are reallllly good at imagining things), its something probably different from what you usually do, and will get you out into the great outdoors. In the case of clouds, or if you aren't really in an outdoors sort of mood, the Science Center in downtown Des Moines offers a great planetarium show daily--complete with narration, so you know what you are seeing.

Now, bear in mind that with Star Wars Day bringing out the best in its rampant followers, you will encounter some of the worst being brought out as well. For example, in honor of May the Fourth Be With You, it seems as though you could be privy to some offers of taking a look at someone's lightsaber. Unless they have a device in their pocket which produces a legit laser beam (unlikely!) you'll want to pass on that offer. Also, beware the Yoda imitators, which will be plentiful.

So since now you know, go out and pay homage to Star Wars in your favorite flirty, out-of-this-world sort of way. Certainly, we've come a long way in the thirty-plus years since it began;  theres recently been a lot of fuss over Avatars, and the Navi, and things of the like--but years before there was Pandora, the magic was just beginning--a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.