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May's Friday Night Magic promo is Tormented Hero

So the Smoke Monster from Lost made a sex tape?

After a series of Magic 2014-related Friday Night Magic promo cards, it was clearly time for a change. Theros block's time to shine is now, and Wizards of the Coast has taken that to heart: The FNM card for May has just been announced, and it is a brooding, tragic, Tormented Hero.

Black's heroic one-drop is a Cube favorite, and something black aggro decks in lower-than-top-tier Standard have been known to pack. And it would hardly do to complain about a one-mana 2/1 with an upside. The new art is quite similar in its composition to the original, with the Hero reacting to abstract and nebulous representations of his sins. They both have the Norwegian-death-metal-ish dripping eye makeup on, as well. The Theros version, however, is in a rage and wears more clearly ancient-Greece-inspired clothing, while the FNM version is minimally attired in armor that could come from many different planes and looks more shocked and despairing.

Opinions have been divided on the new art; some Rumor Mill posters have called the shirtlessness thing ridiculous, while others prefer the new Hero's facial expression.

Thinking of playing at a May FNM to get your hands on one of these? Let me know in the comments.

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