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May means Bike Month

May is Bike Month, ride, ride, ride
May is Bike Month, ride, ride, ride
J Ferris

May means many things to many people. To cyclists, May is Bike Month. The goal this year is to collectively log two million miles of bike riding.

While this may seem like a lot of miles, it is. Two million miles is a quite a stretch for anyone. The great thing about May is Bike Month in the greater Sacramento area is that all cyclists are invited to sign up and log the miles they put in on their trusty bikes.

It makes no difference what kind of bike is ridden, or for what purpose, or where. What matters is that you ride, then log your miles at the May is Bike Month site. It's about as easy as it gets.

There is a list of different types of rides to choose from. If you commute to work on your bike, there's a spot for that. Pure recreational riding has a box to check, as does errands, work/trip, or multi-purpose rides. It's pretty interesting to see the numbers for all the different categories.

You may choose to log your ride as an individual. Just ride like you always do, then log the miles.

You could ride as part of a team, though you don't have to actually go out on group rides. You simply add your name to a team or group of friends and you're in. Same thing applies. Ride your bike, log your miles.

The effort is to make cycling very visible and very much out in the public eye for the entire month. This type of visibility leads to changes in how the motoring public views cycling, and to efforts in the legislature, on city councils, and county boards, to make cycling safer for everyone.

To that end, it's important for everyone to ride well, which is to say obey the law. Stop at stop signs and stop lights, yield when you are supposed to, and ride safely every minute you are in the saddle.

Two million miles is a lot, but when it's cut up into so many small pieces, that million mile goal is easily within reach.

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