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May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month - Part 2

Dogs of all sizes can suffer from cancer.
Dogs of all sizes can suffer from cancer.
AKC Mary Bloom

Morris Animal Foundation is another very worthy foundation that sponsors research into cancer in pets. The Morris Animal Foundation deals with all species, so cancer studies funded through this organization will cover all animals from cats to horse, dogs and exotics.

One new fundraising plan to tackle cancer in pets is the "Unite to Fight" walk on June 22nd. Pets and people can register to walk on their own or get a community group to achieve even more fundraising power. A registration donation of $20 will go towards the decal and bandana you will be sent. Thirty five dollars means two decals and bandanas while a donation of $150 will earn you a t shirt.

You and your dog - or even an ambitious leash trained cat - can line up sponsors for your walk to earn more donations. Consider getting co-workers or other family members involved. Blue Buffalo is offering a matching donation campaign separate from the walk for up to $50,000 towards pet cancer research. If you can't walk, a donation aimed here will still be a great help.

Morris Animal Foundation also offers a free Pet Cancer Information Toolkit. This toolkit provides a listing of warning signs of cancer and statistics about cancer in pets. Both cat and dog versions are available for free. With the warning signs checklist you can do a monthly check up of your pet at home. Signs range from physical such as a new lump or bump and behavioral such as being less active and not wanting to exercise. Certainly many of these signs could indicate other health problems as well but it is good to rule out cancer.

The Morris Animal Foundation website provides a great deal of other information for pet lovers as well. The free webinar on mast cell tumors might help you identify one of these tumors early on when treatment is more successful. Their cancer resources provide information on a number of pet cancers. The individual cancer info sites provide information on symptoms, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

If you want to be fully informed about cancer in pets - its risks, treatment options and research being done currently - the Morris animal foundation site is a great place to start!

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