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May is National Strawberry Month

What else?  Strawberries!
What else? Strawberries!

Oh Frabjiou Day! Kaloo-Kalay! May is National Strawberry Month. What’s the very best way to eat strawberry ever? Easy ... open mouth ... insert strawberry ... done. Want to go one step further. Drop a strawberry into a glass of Champagne. Even better ... put the strawberries and Champagne in a picnic basket along with a round of Brie or Camembert, a bit of pâté and a sourdough baguette.
If you are looking for an incredibly easy strawberry recipe try this:

Strawberry Cordial: Fill a quart jar with alternate layers of sliced strawberries and sugar. Pour in as much inexpensive brandy as the jar will hold. Set in a cool, dark place (not the refrigerator) for about six weeks. Strain off the liquid and put in a bottle with a stopper or cork. This makes a delectable cordial, and the strawberries left in the jar are absolutely wonderful spooned over vanilla ice cream or a slice of pound cake.

Strawberry Ice Cream is a given right? Well most people go to far too much work and mess when making ice cream and the end result isn’t all that spectacular. For real, old fashion, excellent ice cream there should be only three ingredients, cream, flavoring and sweetener. The cream may be pure cream or half and half. The flavoring may be as simple as vanilla or it may be sliced or crushed fruit. The sweetener may be sugar, honey, molasses or a non caloric sweetener. For an excellent strawberry ice cream, (and you don’t even need a churn or an ice cream machine,) slice strawberries and cover with an equal amount of sugar and allow to sit for about an hour or two. Place your cream in a container in the freezer. Allow to form some ice crystals, about an hour or two. With a fork, break up the crystals and stir them into the still liquid cream. Continue doing this until you have created a slush. You will need to stir in the ice crystals about every hour. If you don’t break up the crystals as they form you will wind up with a solid block of ice. Once the cream has become a slush, stir in the macerated strawberries and stir. Return to the freezer and continue to break up the ice crystals as they form until you have a rich, smooth ice cream. The time will vary gently. Once you have achieved ice cream you don’t have to continue stirring. You are now ready to enjoy the very best ice cream you have ever experienced.

Strawberry Preserves: Again, most recipes put you through far too much trouble and they make more of a jam than true strawberry preserves. Wash and hull as may strawberries as you want. Weigh them and them place them in a heavy pot. Ad an equal weight in sugar. Cover with a tight fitting lid and shake well to evenly distribute the sugar without breaking up the berries. Cook over a medium heat, shaking occasionally to prevent scorching until the berries have shrunk in size and they are in a thick syrup. Put in a jar and refrigerate. These are superb served with fresh from the oven Scones.

Now, let’s talk strawberry shortcake. Please, if you have a passion for strawberries you will not demean them by putting them on those soggy little sponge cake rounds sold in packages next to the strawberries. Please, for the love of strawberries, bake real Short Cake.

Here’s a couple of bonus recipes you may enjoy.
That 50's Jell-o & Ice Cream Thing
Pashka and Kulich

And of course, be sure to check out your local farmers markets for the freshest of organically grown strawberries.

And of course, be sure to check out your local farmers markets for the freshest of organically grown strawberries.
AND, there are numerous Strawberry Festivals around the country, celebrating this seductive fruit. Check out the one in your area. If you live North of the Gate in the S.F. Bay Area, be sure to attend the 9th annual KGGV Strawberry Festival. Visit Radio Station KGGV for more information.

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