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May is "National Pet Month!"

Adopt! Don't Shop!
Adopt! Don't Shop!
Life On White

May is National Pet Month! What does that mean for all of the pet lovers and owners out there?

My aim is to be able to:

· Promote responsible pet ownership

· Provide Awareness of mutual benefits of owning a pet

· Increase public awareness of the role pet experts have in their lives

· Raising awareness of the value that working and assistance dogs have in so many lives

The following are 10 Tips for responsible pet ownership:

1. THINK before getting a pet. Do your research and understand what your financial obligations will be for the entire life of the pet! ADOPT! DON’T SHOP!

2. Make sure your pet receives Basic Training and is well socialized. Of course we have you covered there to with our fantastic professional dog trainers!

3. Feed your pet a high quality, well balanced diet in “Meals”. Know how much food is going in! Don't let your pet become OBESE!

4. Provide comfortable and suitable housing and bedding. There's far too many negligent housing situations we hear about on the Internet these days. Don't let yourself fall into that category!

5. Provide all necessary vaccinations and recommendations from your veterinarian. We have a list of trusted Veterinarians just for you!

6. Spay and Neuter! You know....... snip, snip.

7. Provide appropriate grooming. Of course we have you covered here too! Arizona's Pet Stylist is our most Pawesome mobile grooming salon in the East Valley!

8. Ensure your pet is properly ID’d with either a Microchip or a Collar/Tag with your information. Remember, May is "Chip your pet month!"

9. If able, get Pet Insurance for those un-expected emergencies.

10. Get Educated in Pet CPR and First Aid so YOU know what to do in an emergency with your pet!

So this month please help me celebrate National Pet Month by doing your part in being a responsible pet owner!

Thanks pet parents!

Happy May!

Kim MacCrone-CVT

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