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May is National Bike Month, so get out and ride

Mountain biking
xnunox via Getty Images

Nothing is better than doing something that's more green, but also doing it nationwide. This month is National Bike Month and that means environmental-conscious riders can spread the word about the health benefits of bike riding, along with keeping your car in the garage and taking to a trail, or even to work this month.

National Bike Month is always in May and is observed nationally. With the weather getting warmer and less wet, more and more people are taking their bikes out of storage and gearing up. You can hit a local trail, road, or mountain just to be part of this cool event for the entire month of May.

National Bike Month was started in 1956 to encourage more people to get out and start pedaling. National Bike to Work Day is May 16, along with Bike to Work Week, and if you are lucky enough to live without a decent distance to your job, then pedal away! It's a great way to go green, even if for just one month. You can start a bike group to hit the trails and keep up the team throughout the rest of year even. Many local bike groups are probably already started in your area, and you can find one by visiting USA Cycling. There are women's and men's groups on the site, area groups, and college groups. Whatever you interest, or what you are looking for in a cycling group, you can find it on USA Cycling.

If you're just starting out, look for an inexpensive bike at first and work your way up to something more expensive and one that fits your needs as a rider. You won't really know what you are looking for until you get on a bike and see what fits your riding style. And don't forget about bike safety during this time, as well. Bike theft happens more than you realize and you can take preventive steps in protecting your investment. Learn ways you can stop yourself from becoming a bike theft victim at Vivint (The Neighborhood). They have great tips on how to save yourself the heartbreak and headache of having your bike stolen.

With all of these wonderful stuff to bring out the best in bike riders this month, how can you pass it up?

So get out this month and start riding.

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