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May is homeschooling month

Celebrate homeschool month in May.
Celebrate homeschool month in May.

Homeschooling awareness month is celebrated in May. Homeschooling is increasing in popularity and has grown nearly 4 percent. Teaching children at home by parents, tutors or educators is the meaning of homeschooling.

To homeschool a child, more is involved than many even realize. Organization, a proper environment, the right teacher and the tools are all needed. A good schedule is important to have.

For some families, homeschooling is awesome and right for them. It is a case by case process that not everyone is cut out for. However, due to many web sites and homeschool families combining and working together, homeschooling is easier and not so overwhelming.

The beauty of homeschool is to have a curriculum but also freedom in how you teach. Math can suddenly be in the grocery store for budgeting, adding, subtraction and more lessons. The creativity and freedom of homeschool is really nice. Plus being so hands on in your child's education is priceless.

As many families that homeschool know, it is a commitment. It isn't something that can just fall to the side because it is hard to get back on track. When considering homeschool, try to think about all the factors and time.

Congratulations and happy homeschooling month to all those who do homeschool.

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