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May is best time for bream fishing

May is the time of year that many anglers go out for bream fishing. From Bluegills to crappie, those fish love to come up and hit whatever you put on a hook. Whether you are fishing with little white jigs or using live bait like minnows or worms, you will have a lot of fun fishing for these hard fighting fish. It is a great fish to teach young anglers to fish on. They are easy to catch and easy to let go.

bluegill and bream

May is also good because they are extremely hungry after a few months of bedding and making baby bream. There are several things to use to catch these fish: live bait and lures. I prefer to use live bait myself and will sometimes set out more than one line. I love using bream busters because they are easy to fish with and if you do catch something larger like a catfish or bass, it will catch them.

Right now, certain crappies are hanging around 5 feet or so while bream will be at many different levels. If you had a pretty cool night, and the next morning is very warm they will surface and you can see where they are hanging out in schools. Using small spinner baits like the Roadrunner is great for crappie and smaller bass. Use wigglers (worms) for the bream. You can also use small minnows to catch crappie and some smaller bass.

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