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May I Offer You Hope?

Heaven is our Home
Heaven is our Home
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We all have been affected by the death of a loved one. The sting of the loss goes down deep; sometimes so deep it feels as if we’ll never recover. For many years I mourned their loss and in some way felt sorry for them because they were no longer with us. All the years they could have lived here and been with us; I felt sorry for them and sorry for myself.

This is a normal reaction I would think. But as I’ve learned more about Jesus’ purpose on this earth and the result of His death and resurrection, something changed. Our Heavenly Father is our Daddy. For those who’ve never experienced having a father in the household may find this a little difficult to understand. But think of those times you thought “If my Dad was here we’d do this or that”. Those thoughts are real with Father God. That longing is real and He’s taken notice of it. That’s why He sent His Son, Jesus.

Jesus is our Oldest Brother. Father God, just like many parents, had the oldest child look out for the younger ones. Jesus’ purpose was to go out and gather us up and bring us home. Father God gave Him specific instructions. While He’s gathering us up, He wants us to tell the other ones…Dad said to come Home. And while He was gathering us up the bullies started trying to hurt us and keep us from getting back Home. To keep us safe, He took them all on and defeated them…at the cross on Calvary.

Our loving Father wouldn’t let it end like that. He made sure Jesus would rise from the dead and conquer death once and for all. Father God knew how painful and permanent death had been. He experienced the painful separation every time one of His children would turn away from Him and be lost forever in their sin.

So for those who are in Christ (they received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior), there is a future with them at Home (Heaven). We don’t know what every person experiences when they die. We’re not sure if they were in Christ or not in their last moments. But it is important to share what Jesus has done to those who are alive now.

Do you know how good it feels after a long day away to come home and close the door to the world? How it feels to find a safe place away from fear and chaos? A place to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day and really enjoy life; this is what our loved ones are experiencing. All of what we’re experiencing here on earth, they see and rejoice with us and when we struggle, they know we’ll be okay because they know Father God is watching over us. They don’t worry about us; they don’t need to.

I have finally realized that it’s important to live my life well while I’m here. Our loved ones love and attention are still on us. They’re on the other side of life where there is no more aging, sickness or disappointments; excited about what we’ll find when we get Home. They are full of life, love and energy in the pure presence of God. Nothing has ended; we’re just in different locations for now. I pray this comforts you as it has for me. Jesus is our Hope. He conquered death and rose from the dead. We have a never-ending future with our loved ones than the limited past we once shared! Rejoice!!

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