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May begins with flurry of UFO sightings in Ontario; Part 1 of 4

With warmer weather, many more Ontarians are outdoors and star watching, which is likely why UFO sightings have seen a massive increase in May this year.

Many Ontario folk have become believers after sighting UFOs over their towns and/or cities.
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According to a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report, some folks were out camping on a Native reservation on the South Bruce Peninsula on May 4, 2013 when they were alerted to six lights in the sky. Around midnight “a Native who was fishing down by the river approximately 100 to 200 yards away came yelling, saying to look up at the sky,” a witness reported. “I looked up over the field and saw four lights by then.”

Two had apparently disappeared by the time the witness looked up. In total, about eight people saw the lights.

”I knew right away it was a UFO because the only airport around was 20 km away and only have Cessna planes in their fleet, and occasionally a Canadian coast guard helicopter, which is bright orange flies over, and an air rescue from the hospital.” The witness added that there have never been “more than three aircraft in the air at that altitude.” As well, he added, the objects just “disappeared one by one…”

According to another MUFON report, a resident of Mississauga witnessed a UFO for the first time on May 5 at approximately 9 p.m. The man said four airplanes were first seen from an apartment balcony – a sight that occurred often due to the nearby airport in Toronto. However, this event was “different! Suddenly, a rocket-like aircraft caught my eye, miles away in the distance.” It caught the witness’ attention and appeared to be “already very, very high in the sky… this thing basically was going up.”

At first it was thought to be a cloud, “but after about a minute, I realized it certainly was not a cloud. This thing seemed to be going up for about six minutes traveling at quite a pace… then poof, it disappeared through clouds.” As someone used to seeing airplanes in the area, he said, “This is something I have never seen before and I’m sure I never will again! I’m still in a little bit of shock about the whole event, as I am certain that what I saw was not a normal aircraft.”

Also on May 5, a person outside golfing in Oakville spotted a “hovering orb that began to move left to right and was hovering, disappeared for a second, then appeared left to its original position with another orb and was also moving in different directions.”

According to a MUFON report on the incident, the witness said, “It was incredible. It just disappeared in the daytime sky afterwards.” The witness added that a number of people witnessed this phenomenon. “We were too shocked and transfixed on the object to record it.”

Then on the same date, a bunch of lights were seen at about 10 p.m. over North Bay. One of the witnesses noted, “They look like stars but then they start getting brighter, then dimmer. They will then start flashing red, blue and sometimes green lights.” The witness added that they also moved up and down and even in “figure eight patterns. Sometimes there’s two or three and sometimes up to 10. They usually form random patterns but once they made a circle and lately, they have been making triangle formations…”

The witness figured they might have been the result of “drone testing by the Air Force here” and added that “unmarked white SUVs” have been “going through town with guys dressed up in vests and had pistols holstered in plain view.” The witness and a friend believe “the government may be experimenting (with) new technology here, or these crafts may be from another world.”

Now if that is not enough, another person reported a UFO on the same date, also in North Bay at 10:40 p.m. According to a MUFON report, a resident was outside on a patio overlooking the lake and saw “what at first looked like a plane moving from the southeast towards me over the lake.” However, the witness said the intensity of its light grew in intensity “that rivaled the Moon (also in the sky) making the apparent size grow double before diminishing.”

The witness watched the UFO moved southeast to northwest over the residence until it was out of sight. The most startling thing though, was that every time the witness asked the object to flash its light it did, the witness noted. “Very awe inspiring.”

Three UFOs were also captured on film from Hamilton over Lake Ontario. (See Video along with this article.) Warning: Foul Language

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