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May 2014: The grand cross, a stabilizing influence, and the cardinal signs

May flowers
May flowers

As we enter the second month of spring the three major planets in the grand cross begin to separate. Many have asked me if the energy of the grand cross will end now. In a nutshell, no. The grand cross has reached a peak, but it is not over, and this energy will continue throughout May-June and into the summer and that's the truth! As the major planets continue to separate, it's influence will lessen, but during May Mars will set the energy off most, if not all of the month.

During May we will have the positive and stabilizing influence of Jupiter trine Saturn but the wild, disruptive, changeable, evolutionary energy is with us for now, and events that began during this period will continue to unfold for months to come.

There is so much news it is hard to keep up with. Many situations have yet to be resolved and the world is in a massive state of shifting, politically, Geo-politically, socially and economically and this shift will not end until Uranus and Pluto separate and that will not occur until 2016. The next square between Uranus and Pluto will occur late November of this year when things will heat up once again.

So, for now it appears we have avoided an enemy attack on American soil as could have been the case, or involvement in war and I say this hesitantly, as the energy still strong, and the Ukraine continues to erupt in violence. Never underestimate the healing and protective power of Jupiter, which has been exact on the US Sun during this period.

While there have been many significant events that occurred during April, as far as I am concerned the most significant may be the news that 65 al Qaeda militants were killed in Yemen with drone attacks, and the fact that attacks on US and British targets were avoided. Why there has not been more news on this is amazing. The other significant event is of course the situation with Russia and the Ukraine, which is yet unresolved.

Change on major levels is occurring among the Cardinal signs and will continue throughout the year: Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. Those with Sun signs between 11-16 degrees, or with personal planets at these degrees will experience the most change this year. The changes will be occurring in the areas of relationships, home, work and on a very personal level.

Uranus and Pluto will square, conjunct or oppose the cardinal Sun signs, or any cardinal planet at this degree. Pluto transforms forever, and brings situations to our lives that seem beyond our ability to control.
Uranus brings shocking, unexpected events, changes, separations and new ideas, that may not flow in a harmonious manner. For those wishing to break free of an oppressive situation, Uranus will give the courage, impetus, opportunity or event that can bring this about.

Uranus and Pluto will come together in another square that started in 2010 at 12 degrees by the end of November, again altering the world and the landscape, collectively, globally, personally and individually, as part of a cycle of change that will take us into early 2016 before it is over. Like the mid-1930's and the 1960's the world and our lives will be altered in big ways.

The last Uranus cycle to affect cardinal signs was in Capricorn late 1988-1996.

The last Pluto cycle that affected cardinal signs was in Libra late 1971-84. All outer planet cycles are lengthy, but if you are a cardinal sign and old enough to remember these dates, at some point you would have experienced some major life changes depending on your birth date or what was being aspected in your personal chart.

Mars will finally go stationary direct this month on May 19, at 9:31 p.m., EST, and this is a powerful planetary event, especially if you have a cardinal sign at 9 degrees, or within a few degrees on either side. Mars rules men, sex, war, weapons and discord or anger to name a few.

Mars turns retrograde every several years, and this time it has been in Libra-the sign ruling relationships, partnerships and marriage. This is always a frustrating period full of delays and obstacles.

The stationary direct period is the most important, next to the stationary retrograde period. How it works for you depends on what it is aspecting in your chart-good or bad.

During this period Mars energy changes and we will start moving forward again with many situations that were delayed. Events that were postphoned when Mars retrograded on or around December 21,2013 will begin to move forward again, or prove to be a dead issue or unworthy of your attention. It will now be easier to start new ventures and projects.

Mars rules men, and relationships will begin to be seen and understood for what they are one way or another. If you began a relationship on retrograde Mars the next number of weeks will determine if it will withstand the test of time or fall away.

As Mars goes direct events that began before Mars went direct can change again. We will be in a mood to move forward in many respects, but Mars will remain in its shadow period, and the energy will continue to change, until it reaches 27 degrees on July 3. Mars will remain in the sign of marriage and partnerships until July 25, when it enters Scorpio.

The first three or four weeks Mars goes direct it once again creates a grand cross with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto as it did in April. This will again bring events and changes in the world and in our lives of large magnitude. If you had important events occur in April further changes may happen. Once again this will set off the grand cross between Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter bringing big changes and events. As Venus enters Aries, it too will set off the grand cross this month.

Mars will be square Pluto the entire month of May. Mars-Pluto is a volatile transit and a special effort will be required for relationships to run smoothly. Mars will continue to set off the grand cross and the three outer planets until June 28.
Saturn will trine Jupiter this month and this will be a welcome relief bringing more stability and a degree of luck. It becomes exact May 24-30, but this energy will become apparent from approximately the 8th on, and should bring some benefit throughout the entire month.

Saturn trine Jupiter is a positive influence and will be felt to a large degree by water signs, especially Cancer and Pisces with Suns around 13-18 degrees. If you have personal planets in Cancer or Pisces at these degrees it may bring some positive and welcome change, and positivity. The same goes for earth signs at these degrees.

Saturn is about stability and Jupiter expands whatever it touches and this combination is good for finances, starting new businesses, and growth. This transit occurred July 2013, and briefly the second week of December.

As the United States has a 13 degree Cancer sun this aspect will help stabilize the chart of the United States. There may be some better financial news during this period.

Other significant transits during May include:

May 2, Mercury opposes Saturn. This is depressing, negative energy indicative of bad news, tiredness and bad moods. As the signs are fixed decisions reached may be final. Good for detective work, and thinking through a situation.

May 2, Venus enters Aries, changing love energy and becoming more bold. Great for fire signs.

May 7, Mercury enters Gemini the sign of its rulership. Thinking, speech could take on a more open and intellectual bent.

May 10, the Sun opposes Saturn. This is a negative and harsh influence, and indicative of responsibility, restrictions, and some situations may end.

May 11, Venus opposes Mars, indicative of trouble between the sexes, or you could meet someone new. If so, it could only be physical. Mercury squares Neptune and this creates confusion, deception, or misunderstandings. We could see weather related conditions again.

May 14, at 3:16 p.m., EST the full moon occurs at 23 degrees of Scorpio. This is the most intense of signs and conjuncts Saturn the planet of responsibilities and restrictions. Venus squares Pluto bringing an obsessive theme, especially in relationships and there may be issues relating to control, sex or money.

May 15, Venus opposes Uranus and some relationships may end. You may feel as though you want freedom or to do something totally different from the norm. This transit is often seen to coincide with big financial- market swings.

May 18, Venus squares Jupiter and this is a transit of over-indulgence. Its Sunday-enjoy the day!

May 20, the Sun enters Gemini, the mutable sign of spring where things begin to change into summer!

May 28, a New moon occurs at 7 degrees of Gemini at 2:40 p.m., EST. New moons are about new starts and new beginnings. The Sun squares Neptune bringing wet weather and confusion to the day, and Venus enters Taurus changing the love energy once again.

May 29, Mercury enters Cancer, the most emotional of signs. Mercury will retrograde in this sign next month.

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