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May 2014 Horoscope

Don’t try to get too many things done at once, because you risk achieving very little. You may experience self-esteem issues, factor which will make you feel rather sorry for yourself and dissatisfied with life in general, but the planetary transits of May bring that so much needed stroke of luck.

This month you may feel a profound inner restlessness; this is caused by the fact that many new things germinate in your life during this period of time. Several projects require your attention, but you aren’t necessarily in the mood to work on them. This is because the timing isn’t right, so relax – soon you will experience complete clarity.

During this month, try to let go of the need to be perfect in any area of your life (work, relationships, social life, etc.). Those who are your true friends love and accept you with all your imperfections, knowing that you are a great person to be around. May is a good period to spend time with your dear ones, friends and family.

You may feel that your life partner doesn't fully appreciate you, thing which will determine you to wonder whether there is something you did wrong. Know that there is nothing wrong in your relationship – you just need to start looking for what your partner does for you instead of what he/she doesn’t do. This month, relationships of any kind attain a new meaning in your life.

May is the month to get your hands dirty and your creative juices flowing. Ignore that voice at the back of your mind saying that you don’t have what it takes to succeed – be bold and get involved in new creative ventures. You can’t receive what you wish for if you don’t go after it.

You may feel stuck because of a lack of money, but don’t let this stop you. Money doesn’t run your life, it doesn’t control your existence, although sometimes you may feel that this is the case. This month you will have better luck with banks and money-related institutions, but more importantly, you have your mind and your thinking. Visualize what you want to achieve and see it come true as the month passes.

It seems that despite trying really hard to love yourself more, you just can’t get to that place of self-acceptance and self-appreciation. But be ready for a change! During this month you will receive several compliments and appreciative comments from those around you. Allow the positive energy to surround you and eliminate the negative beliefs holding your back.

This May you’re incredibly busy. Your to-do list seems endless and it only intimidates you instead of being helpful. Should you be overwhelmed at a certain point during this month, someone may step in and make you an irresistible offer. Embrace it wholeheartedly.

Even the wildest of your dreams can come true this month. However, there is one special thing you’ve been thinking about for quite a while. Achieving it involves a bit of a risk as it is something you’ve never done before, but you have to have take action now.

This month you may feel pretty bad about yourself because you haven’t achieved the career goals you had set your mind on. It’s time to silence the inner critic given that it doesn’t help you in any way. Staying in this mindset of “I’m a failure” for too long can reinforce the idea that you can never be successful, which – of course – isn’t true.

You will adopt a more minimalist lifestyle this May, letting go of the things which you don’t really need. Also, you will stop paying even one penny on items which you used to see as ‘must have.’ Decluttering and detaching from material goods will make you feel at peace with yourself and with the world. Stick to your ideals.

This month is the right time to analyze your contacts list and decide whose details you truly want to keep and whose details you can delete. Although your natural generosity may make this a bit difficult for you, know that there comes a time when you have to let go of people who don’t lift you up in any way. Nothing is set in stone, and sometimes you just have to move on with your life.

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