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May 2 to 8, 2014 Horoscopes

This week brings an important opportunity to move away from restrictions. Inner restrictions, such as bad habits, self defeating thought loops, and beliefs that hold you back require courageous breakthroughs of action to authentically be left behind. We have to act differently if we want to experience change. Most of our limitations that we perceive as being imposed upon us from the outside, we put up with because we are unsure of what lies beyond. This week moves from decisions, to courage and boldness, to hope.

Making changes to how you make use of what you have got can alleviate some of the stress that clouds career and family matters. Pull some resources and authority out of storage. You can listen and be a good communicator, but that does not mean you should give away your power. Respect and admiration come your way. Therefore, stand tall, be seen, and heard. Being noticed works especially well for you in the coming month.

The big picture becomes clearer for you. You have the idea to make some big changes in your life. You want to know if important people will be there for you, regardless of what you decide to do. Steps to take are taking shape, which can lead to the achievement of long range goals. Believing in yourself is what is required to facilitate bravery and success.

The ongoing dilemmas in your job and issues with your health have you learning fresh perspectives and adapting to new ways of thinking. Let yourself be bolder. Those around you almost expect it. Stress around your level of productivity, your credit, income, and outgo find some relief this week. Perhaps through just some good luck; you are better able to look on the bright side with some confidence.

Decisions are there in front of you to be made about your creative energy and leaving behind frustrations of social incompatibility. You are determined to do what you want with whom you want. Stark honesty is needed in your closest peer relationships. Approach differences of opinion with the knowledge that fun may be had by all. With boldness you will receive encouragement, not criticism. With pandering to others you receive frustration.

Make the decisions that will free you from limitations. You do not want the authority of others looming over you. A path for greater freedom and less stress about your work and health lies in focusing upon your career. Make the effort to be productive and you will be rewarded. Think about who you are in this world. What is the destiny and dharma that you choose to experience? Get on with it and accept that you can give meaning to your life.

Take the lid off your tomorrows. Let go of limiting beliefs, especially if they make sense. One step at a time may work fine for you, but only if you have first established long range goals. You are attracting more resources, more options, and more power. This week you can use the power and authority that you have to alleviate stress and struggles. Creatively rally support from friends and associates.

Stabilize your income, resources , and credit. Find some comfort in your financial norm, wherever that is. As Brashar says, “Abundance is having what you need, when you need it.” Turn on the charm and you can better deal with contentious issues. Use a smile, even when you are creating a hassle for others. Maybe you can convince them to join you in doing the right thing? Because, of course, you know what is fair. Act like you have some power and authority in your career and home life. You get away with it, and settle matters your way.

Listen carefully. The universe or a significant other is communicating with you this weekend. Get those with whom you are close on board with your ideas. Sharing goals and ideas this week does a lot to reduce stress about feeling stuck. You will have a better idea as to where relationships and life is going, and how change can happen. Your job environment cheers up noticeably over the next few weeks. A proper analysis of your financial resources is coming up.

The answers come to a health or work dilemma this Friday. This month you are sure to find time for enjoyable recreation. Start this weekend. Turn on the flirtation switch and play. Bring a focus to work and job opportunities. This week brings opportunities for practical ways to fulfil financial needs. Make hay while the Sun shines. A realistic appraisal of your wants and needs is warranted. It is not that you want more, rather it is that you want to do more.

Accept the challenge to crack the conservative masks that some associates use to create a false sense of security. Creative pathways open up this week for you. Alleviating stress may be as simple as choosing to have some fun. When a partner puts everything but you as their priority, you may have to go it alone. Or as Stephen Stills said, "If you can’t be with the one you love; love the one you’re with."

Friday helps with a keener awareness of the requirements of your career. Figure out how you can have more time and energy for your home and family. It is by focusing on your home and creating greater security for yourself and those who rely upon you, that you relieve worries about work. Get out and circulate this month. You will make the acquaintance of some attractive people.

The ideas floating around on Friday help you to firm up your beliefs and goals. Keep these in mind as this week brings you a creative breakthrough. The worries and frustration of seeing too much before you dissipates while you talk through probable processes and solutions with associates. Play a leadership role in team building and creating co-operation. Lead through service.

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