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May 1st bark in the park walk

Capone, a terrier mix at Anti Cruelty Society, Chicago
Capone, a terrier mix at Anti Cruelty Society, Chicago
Image courtest of the Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago

Support the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society with cash donations or bring your own dog for a walk along the beach on Saturday May 1st.   This 111-year old organization in the heart of the city a Chicago institution that successfully found homes for 5,000 dogs last year. 

Capone, a 4-month old terrier mix is in need of a good home.  Come to the Anti-Cruelty Society to visit with Capone and other dogs that need your help.  A donation of $196 will pay for one dog (or cat) for one day. 

The Event: A 5k/3.2 mile walk (with or without your dog) to raise funds and awareness for The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago’s only private, open-admission humane society.

The Place: Lincoln Park at Montrose Harbor (exit 4400 north Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, head east to the Lake and look for the tents).

The Time: Registration opens at 7a.m. and the walk steps off at 9a.m.

For more information go to Bark in the Park's web page. You'll get information on registration, links to team or individual pledge sheets, or information on sponsorships.



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