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Maxis confirms that offline mode is coming to “SimCity”

The box art for the 2013 game "SimCity"
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On January 13, 2014, announced major details about an upcoming patch for the game “SimCity.” These update details were officially announced by Maxis on January 12, 2014. “SimCity” released on March 5, 2013 to an incredible amount of backlash from fans over the many issues that the game had, ranging from the poor servers to the small city sizes that the game allowed. Many of these issues, particularly the server issues, have been fixed since then however.

The next major update for “SimCity” will allow players to play the game without connecting to the online servers. This is a much-desired feature that players have been asking for since the game released. This single player mode will give players the ability to build the cities in their region the way they want to without interruption from the server or other players (if the player is playing on a public server). This will also allow the player to save and load whenever they want, meaning that they can reload the game if they make a mistake during city creation. Previously, the game essentially auto-saved after every action the player took, meaning that the player could not fix mistakes without losing the resources they spent on construction.

A release date for this patch has not been announced, but it should be released relatively soon. To learn more about “SimCity,” visit its official website:

"SimCity" Official website

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