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Maximum Threshold Radio Top 10 albums of 2013

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This is the time of year where top 10 lists, or top 20, or 40 lists come out. Seems like the best of the year list start earlier and earlier each year. Well come down off the ledge, Maximum Threshold Radio's prestigious Top 10 of 2013 is now unleashed.Before we get into it though, it would be quite rude if we didn't take the time to thank all of you who listen to us each week, download the show, or read our reviews. We thank you all and wish you all a very happy holiday season!!

10. Cokegoat- Vessel
First things first, how could you not love any band that is named cokegoat? Cocaine and goats are many peoples two favorite things. Chicago doom, speed , and distortion kings and queen. Pure mayhem filled with groove and heaviness. Be on the lookout in 2014, as I expect big things from these Windy City rebels!

9. Windhand- Soma
Punishing bass and crushing drums and thunderous guitars. These songs have a long epic feel to them. Windhand keeps them moving around and interesting, even at their slow downtrodden pace. Windhand focuses on the guitars and bass on the album and make the vocals seem like they are drowned out at times. I know it's a bad thing right? Not at all as it adds to the album overall and you can still hear Doritha's vocals, and concentrate on them even more. It brings out the many layers to Soma that you can only experience listen after listen.

8. Beelzefuzz- Beelzefuzz
For those fans of Deep Purple, UFO mixed with doom/stoner vibes check out the Fuzz. Solid album featuring members of doom heavyweights Pale Divine. Catchy vocal hooks and solid all the way through. Very solid musicianship, that stands out more with each listen. One of the albums that no matter what else I listen to , I find myself going back to again and again. It was one of those albums that I listened to from start to finish , without skipping tracks!

7. Earthen Grave- Earthen Grave
OK , lets fight! It's a re release. So what , get over it. Packed with monstrous guitars from Tony Spillman and Jason Muxlow throughout, a solid low end held down by the Doom General himself Ron Holzner, a world renowned violinist, and a set of pipes that will buckle your knees. The self titled release has Witchfinder General and Penagram covers, and the bonus tracks new to the reissue , a live cover of Rainbow's Stargazer and a brand new beast of a track , Death is Another Word. I expect big things for Earthen Grave in 2014, and I am sure they will deliver!

6. Warbeast- Destroy
The Beast has in my opinion the most metal maniac of any time in it's ranks in Scott Shelby. He plays a bad ass guitar as well. Bruce Corbitt from Rigor Mortis on vocals. Add Casey Orr ex- Gwar, X Cops, Rigor Mortis on bass ( I know smart asses he didn't play on the album), and you have a band of thrash giants that know how to bring it.Throw in the secret weapon, Larry Holmes, and you cant mess with Warbeast. You wish you had a Larry , don't be jealous. With the resurgence of thrash over the years, The Beast show why they are one of the few doing it right.Razor sharp guitars, lightning fast leads and solos, and the monster drumming, the Beast clearly have outdone themselves from their previous and killer release Krush The Enemy. I can not wait to see what Warbeast will unleash upon our ears on the next offering.

5. Church of Misery- Thy Kingdom Scum
Serial killer? Check. Sabbath inspired goodness throughout? Check. Stoner EYEHATEGOD like vibes from the Land of the Rising Sun? Check. A must have for fans of Black Sabbath, EYEHATEGOD,serial killer fanatics. Behold the vortex of a doomnado hovering overhead. Not a weak track on the entire album. Check it out now ! Have you been laying under the rubble left in the wake of the Church's destruction?Dig yourself out and listen to Thy Kingdom Scum if you have not yet done so. Hear me now, believe me later!!! Your welcome!!!

4. Immolation- Kingdom of Conspiracy
Many death metal releases this past year, but Immolation have outdone themselves again , just like they always do. I will say it again, hands down the most solid and technical death metal band of all time. Just when you think the boys will zig, they zag. Immolation has the eerie tone present here, with their often described weird time changes. Immolation are the kings of classic old school death metal that is relevant years after they first came onto the scene with Dawn of Possession. The signature growls, and crushing drums! They also have in their ranks one of the, if not the best death metal guitarists of all time in Robert Vigna. Enough said, all hail the Mighty Immolation. \m/

3. Bloody Hammers- Spiritual Relics
Come all and bow to the Lords of Fuzz and cheap wine.Bloody Hammers may be the hardest working band in the world. Less than a year after releasing their self titled debut, they give us the gift that is Spiritual Relics. That 70's occult , b horror movie feel is all over this record. Many experts say that the Hammers are not doom, or they are generic.Bloody Hammers are straight up bad asses, The creepy vibe that the organ gives off makes you feel like you are lost in the woods, running for your life as you try to escape the cult that is trying to sacrifice you. Splash in some goth and dirty rock riffs, and what you have is a masterpiece. Bloody Hammers will unleash a new album sometime in 2014, and I am eagerly awaiting the gem that I am sure they will give us yet again.Listen to what all they experts say when they say Spiritual Relics leaves a lot to be desired, because I whole heartily agree. It makes me desire the new album last week! New record can not come soon enough guys!!

2. Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals- Walk Through Exits Only
"A comeback Doesn't come gently, it's as ugly as ugly is...made of hedonist handcuffs, crushing weight, neurotic accuracy, and kills love outright", as Phil spits out with disgust on the self titled track from his debut solo album. Phil is back and the whole world has been put on notice. This offering shows Phil in the giving spirit well before the holiday season. His gift to us ? The Illegals! Marzi Montazeri is a silent assassin. Marzi, my brother, you are a guitar god, a bad ass! If you mother *@#$!%^ don't know who Marzi..... OK OK I contained myself, sorry about that! Marzi is truly a guitar god that you should line up to worship, with a picking hand rivaled only by Phil himself!!. The gift of youth in the young pup Blue. A bad ass drummer, who may have the fastest feet ever seen on any side of the Mississippi, and the bringer of thunder Stephen Taylor.I have a feeling that we will be hearing new material from Philip and The Illegals sooner rather than later, as Phil has never been one to sit still. I say bring it on gentleman!!!

1. Trouble- The Distortion Field
I don't know what to say , other than thank you to new Trouble vocalist Kyle Thomas! Let's not beat around the bush here, Trouble was in a bad way .They still had Rick and Bruce to deliver that huge Trouble sound. They lost longtime vocalist Eric Wagner, replaced him with Kory Clarke, who was probably the worst choice you could think of for many reason , but I will remain professional here. As a long time fan of the band , I tried to accept the fact that Trouble may be no more. I will go on record as saying that when a band replaces the lead singer, good things generally do not happen. Enter Kyle Thomas , and the exception to that theory. I always knew Kyle could sing his ass off . I am a fan of Exhorder, Floodgate, and Alabama Thunderpussy. Kyle saved the band with one of the most dedicated followings ever. He stepped into shoes that not many people could step into, and he more than filled them. Kyle brought a new energy into the band. Trouble's signature dual guitar attack has never sounded bigger, and Kyle's vocals brings that out and ties it together like I have never heard before. Not only did I know Trouble was back, but I could not wait to hear Kyle do the old material.I have only heard recordings of the overseas performances, and when he belted out The Tempter and The Sleeper, two of my all time favorite Trouble songs, I knew that big things were coming for the Chicago Doom Legends. The opening track off The Distortion Field, When the Sky Comes Down, kicks you right in the face and is a statement. A declaration of sorts. It lets the listener know that Trouble indeed is back! One Life is the track that really defines Trouble. The classic Trouble sound, and Kyle's fresh new vocals.Thank you Kyle for the new life you brought to one of my favorite bands of all time. Remember, When the sky comes down..........Run for cover to the underground.

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