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Maximize your small kitchen space

Use every bit of your usable kitchen space
Courtesy of IKEA

Whether you are trying to gain space in your kitchen or just figure out how to make the most of a small kitchen, here is a list of tips you can try.

1. Add detail. If the room is architecturally devoid, add crown molding or a chair molding. It gives the room a finished look and if overscaled, can actually make the room seem larger.

2. Cabinet doors. Think about changing out the cabinet doors for glass front. The eye tends to sweep past the solid doors and rest on the glazed ones.

3. Eat-in kitchen. Try a small counter top eating area with two or three stools instead of a traditional table and chairs to free up floor space.

" ...figure out how to make the most of a small kitchen ..."

4. Display space. Install a glass shelf either over the top of the window to maximize light or in an uncluttered area to display a collection. The glass will seemingly float on the wall.

5. Task lighting. Recessed lights under cabinetry will add new style and focused light when working at counters.

6. Plate rack. Not only are plate racks nice looking but you might just free up space in a cupboard to hide something that normally sits on the counter. You also won’t have to open a cabinet every time you need a dish.

7. Expand with color. Use the same color on everything. The eye won’t have to stop to take in different objects and the room will appear larger. Accent colors in inset floor tiles or flecks in the counter top will add a much needed punch.

8. Hideaways. Spring to have appliance garages or custom panels to conceal appliances that you use often, but not with every meal. If you have the funds, have a carpenter build some slide-out pantry that leaves no small items on board precious counter top space.

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