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Maximize the inspection experience by being there

If you are paying a fee to have a prospective home inspected, you have the right to witness and accompany the representative hired to perform this task. It is an opportunity to learn the mechanics and location of the home’s heart of working parts. Purchasing a home is considered one of the biggest expenditures in one's lifetime. The process most likely will include services such as inspections, appraisals, surveys and additional expert opinions.

Understanding the components and mechanics of your new home purchase will afford knowledge for ease of operation and future planning.
Andi Peto-Selby

First time home buyers will truly benefit from the new knowledge of the number of access doors to the attic. It may be an opportunity to learn the house has a heat pump instead of a furnace unit. Are the vents in the home adjustable to redirect air flow? Why are there different electrical outlets? The location of light switches and circuit breaker panels are important if you have to cross an unfamiliar room in the dark. Viewing a house is different than living in a home new to you.

Experienced home buyers, as well, will be interested in the items they may have missed when purchasing previous homes. If they had trouble opening and closing windows, this item may be a priority during a new home inspection. The age of appliances and structural components will give insight to future updates and maintenance schedules. Exterior elements initially viewed as aesthetic or recreational could very well be expensive maintenance items in the future. An in ground swimming pool with a malfunctioning pump or a leaking fountain lose their luster and glory if previous experience is still a frustrating, fresh memory.

If you are the seller of a home being inspected, insure the lawn sprinkler timer is returned to the “on” position. Inspections are supposed to be visual. There have been instances of inspections becoming invasive. If a wall panel is removed, verify it is replaced properly. Secured panels on hot water tanks, plumbing valves and cutoff switches should always be returned to the original positions. The seller does not want to find out there is no hot water because the inspector did not turn a breaker back on.

Your Realtor® is receiving a paycheck for providing a service. Your inspector is receiving a fee for a service. You are spending a hefty sum of money to purchase a home. Attendance by all involved parties alleviates a communication gap when the final inspection report is received and reviewed. The report may also warrant a specific expert be contacted to further inspect foundation, roof, HVAC, plumbing or electrical issues. As a home buyer, you are given the chance to familiarize yourself with the items overlooked during an emotional and exciting time of choosing where you are going to live.

Realtors® want their buyers to be happy with their home purchase. Inspection reports are a truth expressed. It is recommended to have new construction inspected as well as resale houses. A certified, experienced and qualified inspector delivers information and insight to maximize your knowledge for immediate occupancy and future plans for your new address. Maximize the inspection experience by being there.

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