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Maxim Review


Maxim Hygiene is a woman led company which is aimed primarily for a feminine market. They offer feminine hygiene products (and some other cotton products) which are;

  • Made with 100% Certified Organic and Natural Cotton
  • Chlorine/Dioxin Free
  • Breathable
  • Fragrance and Odor Free
  • Made of Pure Organic and Natural Cotton
  • Synthetic Free
  • Wood Fluff Pulp Free
  • Hypoallergenic/Irritation Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • User-Friendly

Maxim Hygiene is concerned that too many women are grabbing what's available on the shelves of retail stores, rather than what is best for themselves and the environment. Their product is best for both. It is also ideal for those of us who are health-conscious and/or have sensitive skin.

Maxim Hygiene products reduce the risk of dermatitis, irritation and itching. They offer sanitary pads, panty liners, maternity pads, tampons, cotton balls, cotton swabs and cotton rounds. And while none of us were looking, Maxim has also created a line of feminine products, which integrate the use of silver and tourmaline ions.

The line is MaxION and they products ill irritation causing bacteria, minimize odor and restore balance. This leaves the user feeling fresh and invigorated. Included in this line are panty liners and ultra thin winged pads.

We were sent Natural Ultra Thin Winged Sanitary Pads, Overnight (10). These retail for $5.99. We were also sent Organic Cardboard Applicator Tampons, Super. There are 16 of these and they retail for $8.59. Finally, also sent over was Maxim's new product, Natural Cotton Cosmetic Travel Pack (3 in 1). This is a nice little travel pack, which retails for $1.99. The first 2 (feminine) products are individually wrapped, strong and effective.

All of these products are able to stand on their own and while the first 2 items might be slightly higher in cost than what most women are accustomed to spending, the desire for all-natural, better-for-you products must increase before the price can come down. We all need to have a second look at the bigger picture and decide for ourselve's what is important and which products to buy.

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