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Mavis and Martin: The love story of two junkyard dogs

A new life-the enclosure
A new life-the enclosure
PAWS New England

This is the love story between two dogs, who lived together in a salvage yard before being rescued. Their story, as well as a video, can be found here, posted March 15 by PAWS New England.

Mavis and Martin, A love story
PAWS New England

Before telling their story, readers should be warned their story is a major tearjerker, especially the video.

Mavis and Martin have lived near a salvage yard in one of the roughest areas of their Pennsylvania town for more than three years, residents report. One dog was never seen without the other, and every day was a trial for them just to stay alive.

In the winter cold and the summer heat, these two had to maneuver train tracks without being hit by trains that traveled daily on a five track high speed line.

For food, Mavis and Martin would drag trash bags in from the street. So every day was a struggle for something to eat, for safety, for a nice place to sleep together. And every so often, they would even play together.

Alana Litwack is a Philadelphia angel who specializes in trapping dogs and finding them a forever home. It was she who contacted PAWS New England for help with trapping Mavis and Martin.

Not only were these two dogs soulmates, they were also smart. Alana planned to trap Mavis and work on getting Martin later. She put some tasty food into the trap, but Mavis refused to go inside for her meal.

Instead, Martin would skillfully pull out the tray of food and give it to his lady love, where he'd stand by and protect her as she ate.

Alana described the incredible love between these two abandoned dogs, who only had each other

"When I saw this bond between the two, I decided that catching one in advance of the other would be trouble. I felt the second would panic and start a frantic search for their missing partner. So long story short, I used enclosure capture to catch both together.”

Steve Havey, a well-known pet detective was contacted with the hope he could come up with a plan to trap both dogs at the same time. Steve used his infamous skill to build an enclosure large enough to capture both dogs in the same trap.

On a snowy day in New England, Mavis and Martin walked into the enclosure and Alana took them both home to begin their new lives.

Martin is the friendlier of the two. He enjoys pats on the head and belly rubs. He's been catching up on years of lost sleep in his new bed. PAWS New England believes Martin is exhausted after years of caring for both himself and his lady love.

Mavis is described as heartbreakingly shy. She trembles in fear around humans and only finds comfort in Martin, the love of her life. She has improved some since being brought into a safe environment.

Those who have kept check on them say Mavis has had two litters over the years. People would take the puppies and sell them when they were old enough, but no one cared about saving Mavis and Martin.

Alana contacted PAWS New England about finding a home or foster family that will keep them together. PAWS is experienced in placing traumatized dogs into permanent homes, and were honored to help Steve and Alana find the perfect home.

Although neither dog has shown any aggression, the person who takes them needs to understand this may be a long-term commitment. They also need experience in dealing with shy dogs. It will be an awesome experience for the right person, who can share their lives together as they adjust to a very different life than the one fate had dealt them.

If you'd like to foster or adopt Mavis and Martin, please contact Kelly Parker at Donations can be made to PAWS New England by clicking here.

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