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Maverick Helicopters flies over the electric skies of EDC in Las Vegas

Flying to the Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 with Maverick Helicopters delivered you in about 15 minutes high above the traffic and chaos below. The sortie treated passengers to some of the most “mind-bending spectacular views of the EDM event,” according to Bryan Kroten, Director of Marketing/Advertising/PR at Maverick Helicopters. You can view these spectacular views of the venue, especially at night thanks to Kirvin Doak Communications, in my examiner slideshow in this column. He went on to say that everyone involved at Maverick were just perfect, this weekend was a huge success.

Who would like Armin van Buuren to fly them to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)? Looks like he is getting into the pilot seat. #edc Marquee Las Vegas
Maverick Helicopters
Kaskade arrives in style to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) #EDC Maverick Helicopters Facebook
Maverick Helicopters Facebook photo page photographer unknown

The artists performing at the Electric Daisy Carnival, the Super Bowl equivalent of EDM events worldwide, were giddy with excitement, like kids in a candy store. According to Bryan, the air transportation service for Maverick to EDC grew this year for Maverick flying over 300 round trips for the weekend. That is just an amazing number.

Maverick Helicopters is a Las Vegas private aviation company based at Signature FBO at McCarran International Airport on the Strip just South of the Famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Flying in a helicopter anywhere is a cool must experience event. Maverick Helicopters service, from the ground crew, pilots and reception area, and especially the ladies that will chat live with you on mavericks website, all are exceptional in delivering premier customer service. Planning an EDC round trip or any of the multitude of other excursions with Maverick Aviation Group is a simple task with this level of service. Passengers have praised Maverick Helicopters a great deal over the weekend. However, EDC is an event you must go and experience at least once, because each year it becomes better, and this year was no exception. Insomniac has outdone themselves, AGAIN!

The Electric Daisy Carnival weekend was an overwhelming success. The attendees, from 40 countries and all 50 states witnessed together over three days performances from over 200 of today’s most popular and underground EDM artists. The fans this year viewed EDC history with the genius Insomniac wherein he stepped up the circuitGROUNDS stage doubling its size.

The new kineticFIELD stage had a cathedral theme that revealed the DJ booth as a giant pipe organ, and that was flanked by two massive knight owls with outstretched wings. “It is the largest stage in Insomniac history, spanning 440 feet wide and 80 feet tall. The structure features more than 1,000 lighting fixtures, 30 lasers, and requires 2.5 million watts of power.” The stage was highlighted with 750 lighting fixtures and 10,500 square feet of video panels that would descend from the dome above the stage. The place was an electric sky.

Soft drink bottling company 7Up brought the gathering to life with a face melting dynamic and immersive experience at Stage 7. Fans were treated to unlimited tracks from some of move music's most smoking DJs, and could dance and move high over the swarms of fans on a lifted catwalk, that is just over the moon in exciting. The top DJs in the world performing at EDC, even hung out to watch the sets of their colleagues. Setting the scene for peace, love solidarity, about 70 lawful weddings occurred throughout the span of the three-day celebration more than five times the number of weddings than a year ago. Couples exchanged vows of various languages, underneath the exceptionally made sacredly crafted altar of brilliant daisies an eclectic matrimonial space.

Insomniac had partnered again with Marquee, a Las Vegas nightclub; to create the luxe VIP Dayclub/Nightclub cabana environment styling’s at EDC inside the Speedway. This year Marquee and Insomniac offered private table reservation packages providing an eclectic electric luxe chance for entrance into the sold-out festival. “VIP table guests will receive premier amenities including golf cart transportation from the entrance to their table where they will be greeted with gift bags full of EDC swag, a private cabana which allows guests to enjoy a complete bottle service menu and a diverse menu of food options with attentive wait-staff on-hand from the nightlife venue.”

Maverick Helicopters serviced EDC with their AirBus Eco Star EC130 B-4s by flying fans, artists, and celebrities to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway starting at 7pm-12am with returns flights beginning around 12am-6:30am. Maverick Helicopters has the exclusive private air transfer rights to the Las Vegas Motor speedway. The trip over the Strip, Las Vegas Downtown and the Las Valley itself is a unique ride. Maverick helicopters are the greenest in the tourism industry. Mavericks AirBus Eco Star EC130 B-4s is the “safest and most comfortable tourism based helicopter in the world.

Maverick Aviation Group has the largest fleet of ECO-Star helicopters in the world.” The passengers are treated to a unique helicopter cabin design, with wraparound viewing and surround sound. These are the quietest helicopters in the industry and Las Vegas.

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