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Maverick Helicopters flies Electric Daisy Carnivals VIP partiers

Fly to EDC in First Class with Maverick Helicopters EDC from Maverick
Fly to EDC in First Class with Maverick Helicopters EDC from Maverick
Maverick Helicopters

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), an Insomniac event, is in Las Vegas this weekend June 20, 21, & 22. EDC has grown since 1997 to an International music and dance event an aural and optical sensory experience bringing together the most acclaimed dance and music talent set in a production like no other music event. It is a must experience event.
Most will travel by ground transportation however, if you have the ability, you should fly to EDC via Maverick Helicopters, a Las Vegas private aviation company based at Signature FBO at McCarran International Airport on the Strip. Maverick is about a block from the world famous Las Vegas Welcome sign. The rates are very reasonable for everyone considering your flying private to and from the hottest event of the Summer EDC2014. Mavericks private charter rates (up to 7 passengers), the costs is $3,000 for a one-way, and $5,000 for round trip transfers.
The cooler option is buying a individual ticket; individual seat rates (per person), the costs are $500 for one-way ticket, and $800 round trip travel. The FUN part here is you will never know whom you could be sitting next to until you board one of Mavericks AirBus Eco Star EC130 B-4s. You may be sitting next to one of the performers, celebrities or a very cool person. All of Maverick Helicopters pilots are a repository of stories and knowledge of the area, and deliver one of the smoothest rides providing the passengers a rare view of the festivities below.
Since Maverick’s FBO is the Signature Executive terminal, the outbound leg to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway begins right from Las Vegas Strip. Maverick has the exclusive private air transfer rights to Las Vegas Motor speedway, and if you fly to EDC2014 at night, you will be treated to the most breathtaking visuals of the Las Vegas Strip and EDC2014 from the sky. It is exhilarating!
Cabanas at EDC include; a “dedicated wait staff, a dedicated VIP entrance, air-conditioned VIP restrooms, exclusive VIP stage experience, exclusive, one-of-a-kind kineticFIELD views, complimentary on-site transportation to VIP table stage, and bottle and food menu options delivered right to your table.” This is seriously quite an awesome experience for the price. The pricing begins with the Premier Level Cabana; “Friday - $10K (10 Tickets), $12K (12 Tickets), $15K (15 Tickets), and $20K (20 Tickets) (Larger section). For Saturday and Sunday the pricing is as follows; $12K (12 Tickets), $15K (15 Tickets), $20K (20 Tickets) (Larger section), and $30K (30 Tickets) (Larger section).”
Maverick helicopters are the greenest in the tourism industry. Mavericks AirBus Eco Star EC130 B-4s is the “safest and most comfortable tourism based helicopter in the world. Maverick Aviation Group has the largest fleet of ECO-Star helicopters in the world.” The passengers are treated to a unique helicopter cabin design, with wraparound viewing and surround sound. These are the quietest helicopters in the industry and Las Vegas. You have the exclusive right to passage for EDC weekend in Las Vegas.
Getting to Las Vegas, the column recommends our friends at XOJET. XOJET offers the largest floating charter fleet of Cessna Citation X, Bombardier Challenger 300, Hawker 800XP and Hawker 400XP private jets with the highest standards of safety and service in private aviation. Each private aircraft is custom-configured to exacting specifications, which include:

Maverick Helicopters at EDC
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access on every super-mid-size and mid-size private jet
  • Free satellite phone usage
  • Entertainment system with iPod docking stations and a selection of movies
  • Touch screens throughout the cabin that let you control lighting, window shades and entertainment
  • Custom interiors with exquisite finishes, including custom-honed eucalyptus with black and grey graphite inlay
  • Pre-stocked amenities such as gourmet snacks, Fiji bottled water, an espresso machine, microwave and more.
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