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Maverick Review provides a toothbrush subscription service for those who would rather sit back and relax with the Comedy Channel, then to avoid flashy freak-shows at the local retail outlet (you've seen that meme, have you not?!?).

Today, we received one hard-core toothbrush, a stand for it and two brushes. We call this item hard-core because it's pretty solid. The handle of the brush is comprised of a polished stainless steel, as is the holder. It's fancy, really.

The soft-bristled brush detaches for easy change out and there were two brushes enclosed. We will be brushing sweetly for the next two months. The box is pretty too.

White, blue and a brushed stainless steel handle and stand are also available, as is your desire. We will stick with the polished stainless steel. Thanks for asking.

For as long as we've lived and bought toothbrushes, we've never come across one as nice as this. We had to go online to find it. It's extremely convenient. Maverick Brothers also has the option to purchase a new brush at 30, 60 or 90 day intervals. Simply pay for that option and live your life.

This is really affordable. If you wish to secure a new brush once a month, you will pay $12.00 to do so, which is 4 brush heads or 1 every 3 months. There are no shipping or handling costs.

Furthermore, Maverick Brothers donates a toothbrush to one in need, for every sold subscription. Imagine not having a toothbrush. It seems rather harsh, even to consider.

Convenient. Attractive. Fast. A 14-day return policy (gratis).

Seriously, what's not to love?

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