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Mauricio Zingano, husband of UFC contender Cat Zingano, dead at 37

Mauricio Zingano passes away at 37
Mauricio Zingano passes away at 37
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According to a report Tuesday on, Mauricio Zingano, former MMA fighter and the husband of UFC bantamweight contender Cat Zingano is dead at the age of 37.

Details of the passing are not completely known at this time and an official statement is expected to be released later today. The Jefferson County, Colorado coroner did confirm the death, but declined to offer any additional details.

However, MMA manager Jorge Guimaraes told a Brazilian news outlet that Zingano took his own life.

Zingano was the owner of Zingano BJJ in Colorado, operating two gyms there. He also had previously competed as a fighter himself going 2-0-1, before devoting his energy to being a full time trainer. He had earned his black belt in BJJ under the training of both the Gracies and Carlos Elias.

He had been married to Cat Zingano for three years, and helped her rise to fame as a successful fighter herself. With her knockout win over Miesha Tate, she became the No. 1 contender for the UFC title held by Ronda Rousey.

Unfortunately for Cat, a torn ACL would sineline her, delaying her title opportunity, and keeping her from coaching opposite of Ronda Rousey on "The Ultimate Fighter."

Cat Zingano made a statement to fans regarding the incident just a short time ago.

Late yesterday evening I learned that my husband and soul mate of seven years, Mauricio Zingano, has passed away.

My life has changed irrevocably. I am shocked and deeply saddened. Thankfully, my family and friends are coming together to provide the support I need. I am grateful for them, as I know there are many difficult days ahead.

I also very much appreciate the outpour of support from the jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts world. My husband was well known and respected in this close-knit community and I know he would appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers, as do I.

At this time, I respectfully ask everyone to give me privacy as I gather with relatives and friends. Again, I give thanks to all for the kind words of support.


Cat Zingano

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