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Mauricio Zingano dead: Cat Zingano mourns husband's sudden death

UFC female bantamweight fighter Cat Zingano's husband, Mauricio Zingano, has died. Fox Sports shared the information available on Jan. 15.

Mauricio Zingano has died
Screencap via YouTube

At this time, details regarding Mauricio Zingano's death have not officially been released. Zingano was 37-years-old, and Fox Sports indicates that two family members have confirmed the death. The family members have indicated they were unable to speak publicly about what transpired.

However, MMA manager Jorge Guimaraes indicated to the Globo in Brazil that Mauricio Zingano hanged himself Monday. Guimaraes reportedly spoke directly with Globo via phone to confirm Zingano's suicide. Zingano, a wrestler and jiu-jitsu coach, is originally from Brazil.

Cat and Mauricio Zingano have a son, Brayden, who is 6. Globo shares a statement from Cat where she says she is “shocked and deeply saddened” and that her life has “changed irrevocably.” Fans of the Zingano's are devastated by the news, and everybody sends their heartfelt condolences to Cat on the news that Mauricio Zingano has died.

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