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Maureen Dawn Healy on 'The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids'

The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids
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1. Can you tell us why you wrote "The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids: Your Guide to Raising and Reasonating with the New Children?"

Seeing more and more indigo (and sensitive) children incarnate on this planet has also given me a front row seat as to what challenges they can have if they are misunderstood. This book is my offering to share more information about these highly sensitive yet strong-willed children and how adults can have more harmony with them.

2. Can you share with us how you define highly sensitive children versus indigo kids?

Highly sensitive children are just that. They have high sensitivity to sensory input (sounds, sights, smells, feelings and so on) and are quick to respond. HSC are also considered to have a highly sensitive nervous system. Indigo children are highly sensitive children but also have other defining attributes. Specifically, indigo children hold two what seems like opposing qualities: High Sensitivity and Fierceness. It is their fierceness along with a shared mindset that is often misunderstood about them. In the book, there is more detail about what the indigo mindset is, how it gets triggered and what you can do to either avoid a trigger or manage it better.

3. When you say Indigo kids you mean kids from outer space right?

Indigo children are all different. Indigo energy which I explain in great detail is merely a type of energy. You (or your kids) may have some indigo energy and also other energies (star seeds, crystal, rainbow, elemental, angelic and so on). Oftentimes indigo energy is not originated on this planet.

4. What are some of the gifts that Indigo children may possess?

Highly intuitive, compassionate and gifted in one particular area at least (for example, math, art, energy healing, music, humanitarian and so on). For example, one indigo child that I worked with created a lemonade stand to raise money to save all the bunnies at the local animal shelter. It’s a beautiful gift to feel so deeply but certainly they need our guidance or mentoring to help them along.

Also, they can be stubborn and strong-willed refusing to follow directions or do certain things. So helping them manage their intensity, gifts, sensitivity and fierceness is a key piece of having more success with them.

5. Could you go into channeling energy with us when it comes to Indigo children?

Indigo children need everyday outlets for their energy. Since their energy is so fast-moving and intense it can go in the wrong direction quickly if they don’t find a healthy outlet (for example, soccer, reading, doing puzzles, karate and so on). One great quote by Ben Stiller captures this idea perfectly: I have a lot of nervous energy. Work is my best way of channeling that into something productive unless I want to wind up assaulting the postman or garderner.

6. Would you give an example of a scenario that some indigo children may go through lets say in a scenario with adults or other children? Positive and Negative?

Indigo kids can finish their homework and never hand it in. They don’t give great value in completion and doing something just to do it. They feel like they learned something and then that’s that. Indigo boys and girls need to learn how to complete tasks, appreciate the value of doing things on this dense earth plane and not just learning for the sake of it.

Another example is that many indigo kids develop what I call a fetish or quirk. In my book, I talk about a little girl who refused to wear anything but princess dresses. She was a princess and needed to feel like one. So of course her mom wanted her to not wear dresses in very cold weather so we came up with alternative things for her to use to feel like a princess (for example, tiara and magic wand).

Everything we experience we can learn from and so can indigo children.

7. Can indigo children attract bullies? I went through a lot of bullying in school of monsterous proportions. Just wondering.

Yes. Any child that is different or highly sensitive can attract bullies. Bullying is a learned behavior and people (adults/children) who bully look for individuals that they feel are weaker. Since indigo kids are very different and sensitive they do sometimes attract the unwanted attention of bullies. My first book, Growing Happy Kids, was all about nurturing a deeper type of confidence and resilience in children and this is very very helpful for sensitive kids especially indigo children.

8. What are you up to next book wise and any links you’d like to share with us?

Such a good question! I am writing a book for children. It’s the first in a series and is fiction so it takes me personally on a whole, new adventure and I am loving it.

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