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Maui stowaway: Did 16-year-old boy really stowaway on wheel of airplane?

Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

In shocking news, reports are out that a young 16-year-old boy actually hitched a ride to Maui by getting on the wheel well of the airplane. On Monday, Time shared about this shocking news and how the boy made it there alive. Reports are that he jumped over the fence at San Jose International Airport and then got on the plane.

The reports say that he got into a fight with his family and ran off. This was his way of running away and he jumped onto the wheel well. He survived the entire flight and made it to the Maui just fine. He was unconscious most of the flight and is lucky to be alive according to authorities. There are no criminal charges against him at this time.

CNN has some problems with this story though and doesn't really believe it. The boy was actually found dazed and confused walking around. Nobody seems to have seen him on the actual wheel well so it is just his word that they are believing.

If this really happened he was cramped into that small area for 5 hours and had no oxygen. It was also extremely cold including sub-zero temperatures at times. It is really surprising that he would survive a flight like this and some authorities don't believe it.

The Maui airport even has video of him crawling out of the wheel. At San Jose, they also have a clip of him walking toward the airplane but not one of him actually climbing onto it. The young boy did not have any ID or bags on him at all. The story makes sense and it is just a miracle that he survived it. This is going to be interesting to see if anything else happens or if more news comes out about the trip. He is now with child protective services.