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Maui's Very First Symposium: Writing from the Heart

Join Us for an Amazing Event
Join Us for an Amazing Event

Maui's Very First Symposium: Writing from the Heart.... Is an amazing event that keeps unfolding.

This symposium Featuring Sharon Frame, Bernard Foong Young, Gaia Best, Shalandra Abbey & Danielle Marie Bergan will take place on Maui in Kihei at Kono's on the Green, Thursday, August 7th from 9 AM to 9 PM. All the early bird tickets are now sold out as of today, but you can still get the $30 all day VIP ACCESS Pass, if you contact Gaia Best in email subject line VIP...

This is going to be such a fun event with Live Music, Great, inspiring speakers, free drawings, Complementary Reiki Treatments, Lively Panel discussion, fabulous food and much more.

I tried to post you a detailed flyer here but it won't go in the Photo Section so you can view it on my Facebook page which is open to the public.

Message me for friendship if you are interested in participation so I can get you the pass too.

Gaia Best face book.

So Just wanted to keep all my readers up to date about this amazing Kihei Event...

Check on Sharon Frames web site sharonframespeaks.... And also go to Amazon and look at books by all our the five Authors.. Which you will be able to purchased your signed copies that will be really valuable for you. Sharon has three published books, 2 of Bernard, 1 for Gaia, Shalandra Abbey's wonderful book on Reiki, and of course Danielle's great book on Recovery. Just google around Amazon. It is so user friendly and again you can go to my face book site and see all the names of the latest books of ours. I love the title of Sharon Frames LeadHERship....

Aloha Nui


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