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Maturing into your season

Just the other day I once again heard what has become a very familiar sound, a prophetic voice declaring that 2014 marks the beginning of a great season for the Body of Christ, a season marked by unparalled victory, the expansion of territories and the reclamation of all things lost and while I am absolutely convinced that the voice that is moving through the Body proclaiming this season is in fact and without doubt question is God. I believe that deep within our spirits each of us know that we are being given a unique opportunity to prosper in the things of God as never before. I also believe that deep within our spirits each of us understand that walking in this season will not be as simple as our initial hopes had suggested. In fact if history is any example it become clear that many of those who were called into this season and perhaps even some of those who have proclaimed it the loudest will despite God’s clear intentions, fail to realize the promise of this season. The reason for this lies in the power of one word, a word that is often either left out or ignored, that word is opportunity. In every instance when God speak a prophetic word it presents us with an opportunity, an opportunity that must be seized of the promise associated with the opportunity is forfeited. What we often forget is that a prophetic word is in its most basic form a specific word or promise given to a specific group comprised of one or more people, therefore in order to receive the promise you must be one of the people the promise was spoken to. Every prophetic word spoken to New Testament believers must line up with the written promises in the word of God which pertain to the subject it addresses. In this case the promises of an inheritance. In Romans 8 the Apostle Paul speaking on the subject of inheritance declared those which are lead by the spirit become the sons of God….. and if Sons the joint heirs with Christ… In this scripture the Apostle Paul defines those who are entitled to inherit, those to whom this promise is made, as those who became the sons of God, and those became sons are those who have gone through the process of moving from servants to friends, to brothers with Christ.. and that process is the process of spiritual maturity.. and in this season spiritual maturity is the key that will unlock the door of promise.. So what is spiritual maturity and how do we as believer determine whether and to what degree we have matured the first answer is fairly simple, spiritual maturity is the process by which we become Christ like in out desires, expectations, mindsets and behaviors. The second question how do we as Christians know when and to what degree we have matured is a little more complicated. This issue is complicated because it is human nature to seek to define ourselves in the most flattering light and to establish subjective standards that serve to highlight our strengths and obscure our weaknesses and as a result our assessment of our maturity is often more an expression of our desire that the truth of our lives. However, as is the case with everything pertaining to our spiritual lives God has established a series of objective standards that will allow us to more clearly and accurately determine the truth of where we really stand. While there are a number of factors in the Bible that indicate how mature we really are my up coming book The Elements of Maturity I address nine elements that I believe will help every Christian gain clarity of their spiritual maturity those elements are: the believer’s understanding that the believer was made in God’s purpose and God’s glory; The believer’s understanding that the believer’s life does not belong to him; the believer’s understanding that the believer was per-ordained to do a work for God; The believer’s understanding that God has given them gifts and abilities which God intends them to use in His Kingdom and it is the believer’s responsibility to discover, cultivate, develop and activate them; The believer’s understanding that God intends to cultivate his character in them so that they can become effective witness for Him; the believer’s understanding that his protect of God’s activity in his life will prolong God’s process and God’s process will always proceed the believer’s prosperity; The believer’s understanding that they must learn to move in God’s timing and stop expecting God to move in theirs; The believer’s understanding that their praise and worship is to be based on who God is and not what they experience; and The believer’s understanding that God deserves more than He asks the believer for. Each of these Elements are key factors in the spiritual maturity of the believer and hence vital in determining whether they are positioned to receive the promises of God in this season…

This a guest Authored by Dr. D L Wallace, whose lastest book "Element of Maturity" will be available Early Summer 2014. Please Visit his website at

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