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Mature women bringing sexy back with right eye appeal


Certainly women are aging more gracefully now more than ever due to having better products and understanding how those products work as well as being more health conscientious. While being more health conscientious and understanding how beauty products work in concert, we must admit we still cannot escape the aging process.      

 Although the reality of there being no real fountain of youth, there are still measures we can take to make us appear even sexier as we age. Here are some helpful tips below.  

Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. Eyes have captivated people from across a room and have even surged as a hypnotic aphrodisiac with its alluring capabilities. Eyes can communicate a sexiness that goes without words yet speak volumes. Yes, it is those eyes that men have claimed that when they looked into a woman's eyes at first glance an assurance of  "this is the one" came fluttering in their spirits.

How do we bring sexy back with the right eye appeal? We use a balance of textures and colors. In recent years, it has become popular to buy shimmery eye shadows yet the more mature our eyes are we have to create a balance that ensures our sexiness is still reigning without over emphasizing our unflattering aging process yet have a modern appeal that captivates sexy and alluring eyes.

  • Do not be afraid of color (Give your neutral eyeshadow palettes a rest, bold colors are in for the spring:
  • Use Matte eye shadows more frequently than shimmer (Shimmer and/or satin shadows bring more emphasis to wrinkles and the lessened elasticity that mature eyes may have)
  • Add shimmery and/or satin shadows in strategic places (Perhaps in the center of the eye for  added pop to the matte texture or extended catty eye or even in the inner eye, again complimenting the matte texture shadows. Shimmery and/or satin eye shadows are sometimes used for highlight color for the brow bone) Remember matte colors will be our primary base
  • There are several types of matte eye shadows to choose from.  For instance there are mineral, organic, and traditional matte singles and palettes to choose from. 

 With the right balance of matte, shimmer or satin textures and colors mature women can bring their sexy eye appeal to the forefront.

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