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Mature audiences only: Morning news show shares photo of a man's 'package'

Morning news crew shows a photo of a penis.

The morning crew of KDVR shocked themselves and their viewers. While reporting on the helicopter crash in Seattle, they accidentally showed a photo of something other than the deadly crash. According to a March 18 report by Gawker, Denver's Fox affiliate showed the photo of a penis.

The anchors were shocked when they saw the photo. By their reactions, it was obvious they were not expecting to see a photo of male genitalia. The two women were very embarrassed and one man tried to his cover his face with his hand.

“I think this whole "situation" is just hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the clip,” Taylor Rios, from San Antonio, said. “I'm sure not everyone is laughing, particularly the network!"

Only one anchor didn't seem effective by the photo. He was using a tablet at the time. Some believe he was responsible for airing the photo of the penis.

Despite that assumption, KDVR issued a statement explaining the mistake. They said that the penis photo was “broadcast by our control room.” They went as far as to say that it did not come from the tablet.

It was a rough week for morning news anchors. In addition to the penis photo, an earthquake rattled the sets of morning news shows in California, sending some morning anchors under their desks. It is true – sometimes the news writes itself.

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