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Mattia Fiumani Is A Director On The Move

Mattia Fiumani
Mattia Fiumani
Mattia Fiumani

Up and coming director Mattia Fiumani is quickly becoming someone to watch. Beginning his career as a set designer and traveling around the world through his work in the industry, Fiumani’s career is definitely headed in the right direction.

Mattia Fiumani was born in Italy and had a passion for the arts at an early age. Fiumani was inspired by great directors, particularly Federico Fellini and the film “Amarcord”, set in Rimini, a city close to Fiumani’s childhood home. Fiumani was also fascinated with the sets in epic films such as “Blade Runner” and “Brazil”. He decided to study architecture and was excited to find that an architect must incorporate the narrative of the story when designing and building.

While studying in Switzerland, Fiumani worked as a projectionist in an art house, furthering his film education outside of class. After receiving his Master of Science in Architecture from École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) he came to America and began studying filmmaking at New York University. After completing his education, Fiumani entered into set design, marrying his two loves of storytelling and architecture.

Fiumani went to Cairo, Egypt to direct and produce the documentary "The Sakakini Palace" for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. He took a unique approach to capturing the architectural beauty of the Palace, integrating his knowledge of architecture and cinematic talent.

Fiumani traveled to Berlin, Germany where he continued to gain experience in the industry working on several commercials as a set designer. Fueled by an extraordinary commitment and passion for his craft, Fiumani began working as a director of photography for music videos and short films.

While working as an on-air director for commercial television in Berlin and Rome, Fiumani made his directorial debut with "27 Down" in 2013. He worked with several departments simultaneously in the development and production of “27 Down” and the film was selected by Raindance Institute in Berlin last summer.

“I wasn’t expecting everything to happen so quickly,” Fiumani says. “It’s been amazing. Out of everything I’ve done, directing has been an exciting challenge - to be able to have a vision and coordinate different talents and ideas and ensure something coherent and inspiring comes out of it. I love creating a cinematic vision using everything, writing, acting, music, even space and light since the power of architecture is still so amazing to me. ”

Fiumani has many exciting projects on the horizon for 2014, including plans to collaborate with thirty-year independent producer Suzanne DeLaurentiis.