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Artist Profile: Mattia Bartoli

Italian actor- Mattia Bartoli!
cta 2014

MattiaBartoli was born in a small town in the north of Italy in Sep 1991. He began studying acting at the age of 16 at Yvonne D'Abbraccio's YD Actors Studio in Rome.

After perfecting his craft at the acting studio Mattia landed roles in the films ‘Una Canzone PerTe’ and the ‘Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial’. The film ‘Una Canzone PerTe’ was directed by Herbert Simone Paragnani and achieved incredible international acclaim. Mattia starred alongside Italian superstars MichelaQuattrociocche, Marcello Mazzarella, and Martina Pinto in the film.

Shortly after he went onto to work alongside multi-award winning actresses Hayden Panettiere and Marcia Gay Harden in the film ‘Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial.’ Directed by Robert Dornhelm in 2011, ‘Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial’ is a film based on the events surrounding the highly publicized murder of British student, Meredith Kercher.

Mattia’s ability to transition into a myriad of roles is well known throughout the Italian film and television industry. Mattia’s role on the popular Italian TV series, ‘CheDio Ci Aiuti’, directed by Francesco Vicario, has made him a household name across Italy.

Mattia’s love and dedication to his craft are impeccable and he proved countless time throughout his career that he will stop at nothing in order to keep progressing. He moved to the U.S last year in order to work in the world’s epicenter of film and television, Hollywood!

With his eye on the prize, Mattia took up a two-year full program at Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Los Angeles. Many notable actors, directors and writers including Salma Hayek, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Benicio Del Toro, Gary Ross, and Mark Ruffalo have perfected their craft at Stella Adler.

Mattia’s love for acting has led him to perform lead roles in several theatre productions including ‘Waiting for Lefty’, ‘12’, and ‘The Rimers of Eldritch.’

Mattia is also slated to star as ‘Kirill’ in the upcoming film ‘The Dragon’s Lair’ where he will lead a group of freedom fighters to start a worldwide revolution to create a new world order. Be sure to keep a look out for this extraordinary star and his upcoming film ‘The Dragon’s Lair.’

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