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After 20 years of living on the east coast, Matthew Ziff has decided to move to the west coast to transition from modeling and commercials to motion pictures. Since arriving in California, Matthew has already filmed two back to back movies. Elusive Entertainment's "Mansion of Blood" with Gary Busey, Robert Picardo, Lorraine Ziff, and Carla Laemmle , and Skipstone pictures "Hard Flip" with John Schneider and Lorriane Ziff. These are just the first of many films already stacking up on this heartthrobs plate. Next, he starts filming three back to back episodes of Six Gun Savior, an amazing Sci-Fi western web series by creator Frank Zanca. Matthew is no stranger to the entertainment industry having been modeling since the age of two months old. He was such a beautiful baby that after modeling for a few short months, was asked to appear on Late Night with David Letterman. Because of his tremendous success in modeling, the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in New York signed Matthew and for the next 15 years he modeled for hundreds of print ads. During this time he started taking acting classes and filmed many commercials and independent films. Some of these commercials include: Reddi Whip, Fed Ex, BattleBots, Honda and a currently running T-Mobile commercial directed by Spike Lee and staring Dwayne Wade.

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When Matthew was 10 years old he was featured on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Conan played santa and Matthew asked him what he would be when he grew up. Conan Santa said "A talk show host." Matthew obviously did not like this answer and ran off the stage. Today at age 20 Matthew asks "So Conan, when can I have my chair back?" "Im ready to be the talk show host you said I would have when I got older, so you might want to get out of my chair." After his appearance on Conan at age 10, Matthew was able to join SAG and has been a member ever since.

When Matthew turned 15 he decided to go to the prestigious Blair Academy for high school. Over the next four years he acted and stared in five shows. During his senior year, he produced and directed Eugene Lonesco's "The Bald Soprano" which was a sell out every single night. While growing up Matthew realized that he needed to be as versatile as possible to make it the business of acting, so he became a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and studied Kendo and Hapkido. He involved himself in team sports such as; Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball and Crew(rowing). He also races motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV's motor boats and the ever amazing high profile Dodge Viper. He is a marksman with various rifles and most pistols. Not only did Matthew realize that he needed to keep physically fit but he also wanted to be able to offer something in the form of the arts, so he trained in playing the saxophone (alto and baritone), the guitar, bass guitar, and is currently learning how to play the piano. While doing all of these things Matthew has been attending the University of Miami in the field of Industrial Engineering. Since moving to the Los Angeles area Matthew has signed with local PR firm Wentworth Public Relations.

Zack Effron and Justin Bieber move over, for Heartthrob Matthew Ziff is here to stay.



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