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Matthew Zeiss- Where Bruno Mars Meets Billy Joel

I have gotten the chance to not only get to know Matthew Zeiss but interview him before, and he is one of the few artists where he is that interesting that I had to do a follow up with him. Matthew Zeiss is a fellow Long Island native who is working his way on becoming the next big thing in music. Drawing inspiration from legends in the game like Billy Joel and Elvis Presley to current superstars Bruno Mars and Daft Punk to name a few, Matthew has his sights set on big and better things for himself. Continuing on from the original Manhattan Digest interview, Matt discusses what his favorite song he has recorded is, his take on the Long Island Music scene and where he sees himself a year from now. Take a look.

Matthew Zeiss

Choose two words to describe your music.

Pure, Passionate

Do you have a favorite song that you have recorded?

Up to now, I would say my favorite song I recorded is "In The Dark (Anything Goes). The reason it is my favorite is due to the ballsy saxophone by my friend Adam Tese. It just took the song to a whole new level for me. It brought what was otherwise a very simple repetitive song, to what is to me a beautiful jazzy jam.

If you had to have one dream music wise, be it a number one song or sold out tour, what would it be?

My dream musically is merely to perform at Nassau Coliseum. It's not the biggest venue in the world,'s not even the biggest venue in New York. It's got some highway miles on it, but to me it's home. That's a Long Island home base. And for me, aside from playing The Garden or something of that nature..Nassau Coliseum is a dream for me.

Do you feel as if Long Island gets respect for its music creativity?

I don't think Long Island as a whole gets respect for it's musical creativity. But I feel without people acknowledging it, the artists that come out of Long Island get respect for their musical creativity. Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, Eddie Money, Pat Benatar, Simon & Garfunkel, Dream Theater, The Ramones , Stray Cats , Lou Reed...the list goes on. My point is, I'm sure when people think "Long Island" they don't think "music"...but I'm sure when they think of the aforementioned artists they think great music.

What's your take on the industry as a whole now?

Unfortunately, I think the music industry isn't what it should be. From my experience it's not about what counts. I get that any business is about numbers, but when it comes to music, I sometimes wish it weren't. There are a lot of great lower level artists who will never get the opportunities they deserve because the numbers just aren't there. Currently the music industry is suctioned tight onto social media with no letting go in sight. I wish the music scene was more like it should be, play to a built in crowd, opposed to bringing 100 of your own people. Venues these day make it very hard to gain exposure the right way. I love music, but there are certain things that should change.

You have openly told me that you don't pay attention to music on a large scale now, yet focus a lot on the classics. Why is that?

Well, I feel majority of todays music is for lack of a better word, "blah". It's all these repetitive beats, simple lyrics. I saw a post online that showed Beyoncé's "Run The World" Versus Freddie Mercury's "Bohemian Rhapsody" , showing how Freddie did it all solo, and you're talking about a complicated masterpiece, then Beyonces one lyric , simple beat tune had a bus full of writers. What I'm trying to say is, majority of music these days lacks just a bit of everything. And in the process weakens the taste of it's listeners. However, I do think artists like Bruno Mars, Daft Punk, Justice, John Legend help oppose that side.

It is now March 2014. Where do you see yourself a year from today?

Tahiti, just kidding. I don't know, my hope would be touring somewhere playing for a ton of folks who enjoy it.

Take a look at his official iTunes account for his fantastic music, as well as some of his live performances here. Best of luck to my buddy in the future!

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