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Matthew Shepard murderer was a bisexual hustler and homophobe, book says

One of the guys convicted of torturing Matthew Shepard for being gay was a bisexual hustler, according to a new book by journalist Stephen Jimenez called: The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard.

Matthew Shepard's killers
Matthew Shepard's killers
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Aaron McKinney was a bi hustler?
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Jimenez, who is gay himself, said that Aaron McKinney is bisexual, and was a hustler before the horrific death of the 21-year-old Matthew in October 1998 in Laramie, Wyoming.

The New York Times and 20/20 as well as other media outlets discussed the bisexuality of Aaron McKinney—one of the youths convicted of the murder. In fact, McKinney’s girlfriend at the time admitted to it and testified against him and Russell Henderson, who also was convicted.

McKinney denies being bisexual, but Jimenez (whose book came out Oct. 1) said that he interviewed more than 100 people to support his claims. The journalist found a letter saying that the accused killers were familiar with gay bars and the gay world, and had sex with men. It also said that they were crystal meth uses. The book purports that Shepard and McKinney may have even been lovers at one time.

Jimenez was accused of besmirching Matthew’s memory with the book, but he told Media Matters that he had no intention of doing that.

Matthew’s mother Judy wrote about her son’s troubled childhood in her own book, but not to this extent.

The book emphasizes that McKinney was a self-hating homophobe and that he didn’t act out “gay panic” that was used in the trial.

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