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internationally acclaimed artist, at Gallery, NYC

internationally acclaimed artist, is included in a group exhibition at SpaceWomb Gallery, 57 Stanton in the LES Lower East Side NYC, in proximity to where many famous artists such as Jeff Koons, Tehching Hsieh, and Zhang Huan have lived and worked and occupied available store front spaces before gentrification of Downtown.

He has donated art to help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for underprivileged children, elderly the sick and the poor through his art donations to charities such as: The Boys & Girls Club and the Nassau County Bar Association.

His most special project, Yacht Rendezvous, was in colaboration with Donald Trump and was held at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

His work was also selected for a group show, Citigroup International Emerging Artist Exhibition, New York.

His will exhibit at Whitepeaks Fine Art, London
 and Chase Edwards Gallery, New York
 this upcoming year.

In the past, he has exhibited at ArtWalk Hamptons, New York
, Dodds & Eder, New York
, Chase Edwards Gallery, New York, Domus, New York
, Miami solo art fair, Florida
, Hot Art Basel, Mexico City
, Clair Voyant Gallery, New York
, The Palace, New York
, Park Avenue Armory, New York
, Art-Expo, New York, Mar-a-Lago, Florida, Saatchi Virtual Gallery, London
, Mistretta Galleries, New York, Art Expo, New York
, Grass Roots Gallery, New York, Citigroup Exhibition, New York
 and Gallery 82, New York.

born on Long Island, New York, 1976, and is known for his compelling paintings that employ an all-over technique of Abstract Expressionism. An emotional quality of color, spread out across the surface of the canvases, is evident in Moskowitz's evocative abstract art. Using vibrant colors, his large expressionistic paintings, as seen in the work, Summer Thoughts, that measures six feet by ten feet, capture and reveal his observations and memories of living in the West Indies on the island of Saint Lucia in 2001. His paintings of lush and elusive images challenge one's ability to interpret visual language.

B.A. from University of South Florida, 1998, and his M.A. from Hofstra University, New York. He resides in Oyster Bay, New York, his studio is steps away from the Oyster Bay harbor that continually serves as an inspiration to his work.

"While the paint is still wet on my canvases the paintings take on a life of their own. They are living breathing things that often tap into my subconscious. They know how they want to look and they use me as their medium."

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