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Matthew McConaughey baby seal: McConaughey baby seal rescue a heart-warming deed

Matthew McConaughey saves a baby seal from being prodded and poked by a group of teens who came across the seal pup on a Malibu Beach. McConaughey's "back off" was all that was needed to get these kid's attention and while he had the kids' ears, he gave them a lecture on baby seals and their habits, according to NewsOxy on April 27.

Matthew McConaughey saves baby seal from teens poking and prodding the little creature.
Facebook/ Lia Toby Wenn

McConaughey was surfing at the time he saw the group gathered around the seal, telling the kids that the seal wasn't hurt, it was just sunning itself and taking a rest while its mother was swimming somewhere close by. Then the pup will get off the rock and go with the mother back to the sea.

Even the actor's mom reports her son as having a kind heart, she said this in an interview she did last month. The "Magic Mike" star's mom was proud of him for many reasons but most of all because of his caring nature. Check out the video above to see just how important Matthew's mom is to him. His mother lets everyone just how proud she is of her son. McConaughey's mom said:

“Matthew makes me proud because he is very humble and sincere and a very thoughtful person. He is just a great son."

According to the Times of India, the seal pup lecture went on for about 20 minutes. Reports have the kids "so anxious" to get away that they never took the time to ask this A-lister to pose for a photo with them.

Maybe the kids didn't recognize him, although he is bulking back up, that weight that he lost for his role in the "Dallas Buyers Club" took a toll on his looks. It could be that they were too star-struck while getting a 20-minute lecture to think about a photo.

The California Wildlife Center's team for marine mammal response said that a baby seal's skin is so thin that it gets cold in the water. It comes out of the chilly sea to rest and heat up in the sun. Last month the CWC had to rescue four emaciated baby seals from Malibu Beaches.

Jeff Hall, the marine mammal coordinator for the CWC said the four seals were marooned on the beaches. The water was too cold for them. The CWC appears to have some celebrity help behind the scenes!

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