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Matthew Lillard, producers Matt Ratner and David Permut talk TFF film 'Match'

Supper Suite by STK and was presented by FIJI Water, Murvidedro Bodegas and Maestro Dobel Tequila
Supper Suite by STK and was presented by FIJI Water, Murvidedro Bodegas and Maestro Dobel Tequila
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On April 18, we attended a fabulous Tribeca Film Festival pre-reception for the film "Match." The intimate event was held at Supper Suite by STK and was presented by FIJI Water, Murvidedro Bodegas and Maestro Dobel Tequila. The film was written and directed by Stephen Belber and stars Matthew Lillard, Carla Gugino and Patrick Stewart, all of whom attended the party. It is an adaptation of Belber's play of the same name, which audiences enjoyed on Broadway. We spoke with the film's star Matthew Lillard and producers Matt Ratner and David Permut at the event. Check out our exclusive interviews below:

Matthew Lillard stars in the film. He took some time to chat with us about his role.

Tell me about how you got involved with the film.

Matthew: I directed a movie with the producers and we got along great. It takes a certain kind of spirit ... it takes the right kind of energy and attitude to do a movie of this budget level, which is very small, and they gave me the opportunity to come along and play.

Tell me a little bit about your character.

My character is the guy who accompanies his wife to interview Patrick Stewart's character about his past and his history. Through the course of the film, surprises are unveiled, and things happen.

Tell me about creating that relationship with Carla and developing it on screen.

It's easy, you look at her and she's divinely beautiful, and an exquisite human being and you sort of fall in love with her, she's a dear friend of mine now, and it's easy to pretend when someone is A. talented B. so kind and gracious C. beautiful.

Tell me about being in scenes with the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, what's that like?

One of the single most greatest experiences of my life as an actor has been to spend time with him on set. I have distinct memories of this production that I will hold dear to my heart for the rest of my life. That is the absolute God's honor truth. In Hollywood, you have BS about experiences but he, Carla, myself and Belber, the director had one of those things that when you dream about being an actor, this movie is that kind of experience.

Tell me about working with Stephen.

The film is so collaborative and I thought he was really gracious and his ability to let us play and create characters anew. Ray Liotta played my character originally on Broadway, and obviously we are very different men, very different actors, so he was amazing at letting us find these characters anew.

Is there an upcoming project you'd like to share?

My number one thing is that I'm on a show called "The Bridge," I was supposed to die in episode 6 and I was supposed to die in episode 10, and I was lucky enough to come back for the second year and they didn't kill me, so that's been great. That starts to air in June and we're working on it now, I'm really, really proud of that one.

We also spoke with producers Matt Ratner and David Permut.

Tell me how did you come to take the play and make it a film?

David: So I saw the play on Broadway, Tony Nominated play and I fell in love. It was wonderful on stage and I thought it lent itself to be opened up theatrically and it took us a little while to really figure it all out and we're delighted, we think we have a gem of movie and the cast really elevates the play. Stephen's a great writer, the material was always great, and the cast was a terrific cast.

Tell me about collaborating with Stephen?

David: Stephen is one of the most collaborative writers.

Matt: That was something that was unique about this whole process, is that we were sitting around in the screening room after the first cut of the film came in, and making movies isn't easy even when it's easy, and I'm looking around there were a half dozen to a dozen people in the room and after going through this process, we all still liked and respected each other and that's unusual ... The entire process from beginning to end was one with really a level of camaraderie and mutual respect and made it worth it.

Tell me about the production process?

David: We shot it in New York, which is always great to shoot in the city. We shot all over the place, at Juilliard. As a matter of fact some of the graduating class at Juilliard, some of the students are part of the film. Patrick is coaching them, he coaches at Juilliard so we shot there, I think it's an elegant looking film because it's New York with all its glory.

Tell me about seeing Patrick Stewart bringing this character to life in the film.

David: It's a larger than life character, it's multi-layered and multi-dimensional, it has a great sense of drama in this movie, but he also has a playfulness and a wittiness in terms of his character and his persona, so he brings all that and everything else to the screen.

Matt: There's a level of nuance that he brings to it that's really special. It's a complex character and it's one that ... you root for him and you identify with him in a way that I think is a real testament to him, and you're watching him and Matt and Carla who are also brilliant in the film, there's something really wonderful as a producer about letting pros do what they do and create magic and you kind of just get out of the way and make sure you don't screw it up and to watch the three of them, led by Stephen's direction, was really special.

Any upcoming projects?

David: We're working on something together again, and I have a picture that starts shooting soon with Ben Stiller.

Matt: The film I just wrapped is called "Manson Family Vacation," which we're editing now, it's a wonderful movie with Jay Duplass and Linas Phillips and J. Davis is the writer/director, it's everything you would expect from a film called "Manson Family Vacation."

Supper Suite by STK is hosting many fabulous events this festival. One highlight was the official cast party for Angus MacLachlan’s Tribeca Film Festival film "Goodbye to All That." Director Angus MacLachlan was joined by cast members and guests Anna Camp, Paul Schneider, Ashley Hinshaw, Melanie Lynskey, and Topher Grace. They sampled steak tartare and avocado, mini sliders and spring rolls and drank Dobel Ginger Gimlets, Black Diamond Margaritas and Dobel Sunrises along with a full range of Murviedro still and sparkling wines and Fiji Water. Films "About Alex," "Gabriel," and "Match" had a Tribeca Press Day at The Carlton Hotel, which was hosted with Fiji Water and Dobel Tequila.

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