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Matthew Burdette, 14, suicide over masturbation tape online: Parents sue school

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Matthew Burdette was just 14 when he killed himself after a classmate secretly videotaped the teen in the bathroom masturbating and posted it online. Matthew instantly became the target of bullying and harassment at school and he ended his life because he couldn't face living with this bullying another day, reports au on July 16.

Matthew's parents are suing the University City High School in San Diego for knowing about the video and the bullying, but doing nothing about it. They are asking for $1 million in this lawsuit.

The Huffington Post reports that the video was recorded over a bathroom stall by the other student. The kids that lived in Matthew's neighborhood and who didn't go to school with Matthew heard about the video and they too viewed it online. No matter where Matthew went he was a target of horrendous bullying and taunting coming from the other kids.

When Matthew was in school, he was asked to leave the class because he was eating and he went into the school bathroom. He was in the privacy of a bathroom cubical and was masturbating and apparently his classmate secretly filmed him from a point of view where he was undetected by Matthew.

This classmate then posted the sex video online to the website SnapChat and through word of mouth, the video was viewed by many of the students in that school. Because of that video Matthew was subjected to merciless bullying and he was harassed and teased by the other students to the point he couldn't see himself living anymore.

Matthew's parents said the once outgoing kid who was full of life became "wrought with insecurity and depression." The 14-year-old left a note before he killed himself that said he couldn't "handle school" anymore. Two weeks after the video was posted online, Matthew was dead. He killed himself during a holiday with his family. The family was celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday together when Matt committed suicide.

California has an anti-bullying law and the boy who videotaped Matthew and put the video online was arrested and he is scheduled for a juvenile court hearing on July 23. It is not known if he will be charged, but allegedly his actions ultimately led to the loss of another student's life.