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Mattheew McConaughey baby seal: McConaughey lectures kids on baby seal

Matthew McConaughey helped a baby seal being bothered on the beach by a group of teenagers.
Photo by Jason Merritt

A Matthew McConaughey baby seal story emerged Sunday after word got around that the actor noticed some kids on a Malibu beach poking at a young animal. Hollywood News Daily reports that while on the beach, he noticed a group of teenagers making things rough for a seal.

An insider said the baby seal was a learning experience for the kids, who got a lecture from McConaughey.

The insider said:

“Matthew told the kids the seal wasn’t hurt, it was resting and sunning itself – and that young pups do this all the time while the mother seal’s swim close by until they are ready to re-enter the sea. After a 20-minute lecture on sea life, the kids were so anxious to get away that they didn’t even bother to ask the star to pose for a photo.”

Matthew McConaughey is making news for possibly saving the baby seal. Who knows how far the kids would have gone in harming the animal had the actor not stepped in. He clearly respects wildlife and isn't afraid to confront those he sees mistreating an animal.

It's nice to see A-list celebrities have a compassionate heart for animals and educate others on how they live. Hopefully the kids learned a true lesson that sticks after Matthew McConaughey talked to them about the baby seal.

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